2024 Media Internships in Daly City, CA

Today’s reliance on a constant stream of information through photos, videos, podcasts, sound bites, music, and other forms of shareable content means that media internships are on the rise. It’s an exciting form of communication that’s always in flux—especially thanks to the new boom in technology startups that innovate what already exists. The popularity of digital media has created jobs for media interns in production, marketing, journalism, and a wide span of overlapping fields. Interns in media may find themselves leveraging their skills in all kinds of work environments, including huge brands, humanitarian organizations, thinktanks, or small businesses. Media interns, then, have the opportunity to combine their passions with their skill sets: some may manage social media accounts for a LGBT advocacy group, others may use Final Cut Pro to edit podcasts for a radio show, and still others may research and write about health issues for a news site. Because dynamic and digital content plugs into nearly every department within an organization, internships in media also train students to support operations outside of their immediate role. This may mean creating sales materials for business development, using media to amplify press releases, or introducing new content for an interactive user interface on a mobile app.

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