3 Career Skills You Learn as a Creative Writing Major

Daniel Rader
3 Career Skills You Learn as a Creative Writing Major

Creative Writing isn’t just for writing poems, stories and novels. It’s the study of strong and charismatic writing that bridges the divide between author and reader. Whether you’re creating marketing materials for potential consumers or writing a description for your company’s first mobile app on the App store, being able to communicate your ideas and messages through multiple mediums will make you a desirable candidate for employment in almost any profession.

Here are some of the valuable skills you will gain as a Creative Writing major.

college jobs for writers1. Initiative

Many entry-level jobs in writing will require samples of written work to serve as a first impression for potential employers. Taking initiative is essential in any career path, but as a writer, that motivation to get your work published is just as important to your success as a resume containing internships and an eye-catching cover letter. 

If you need some help getting started on your road to getting published, use a resource like the Writer’s Market 2016 Edition. Within this book, you’ll find thousands of publishers of varying mediums (magazines, websites, local papers) with instructions on how to submit work, contests – which are another way to become published – and plenty of advice from experienced professionals who’ve been in your shoes.

2. Critical Analysis

Every college student uses critical analysis to help promote change. The process of analyzing a subject matter attracts great minds to aid in solving real problems. As a Creative Writing major, your time spent picking apart different styles of persuasive and informative writing will shine as you construct detailed arguments and opinion pieces. Your writing will contain techniques fashioned by those who inspired you, and you will excel by using them to inspire others!

3. Storytelling

At the heart of Creative Writing is the process of storytelling. Whether it’s through a blog post, case study or a user testimonial: Telling stories is a great way for fledgling companies to connect with new consumers. You will learn how to bring life to any product or idea, fostering your creativity into an invaluable tool at your disposal. From the business standpoint, it is this creativity that helps unite product and consumer.

Creative Writing is a very marketable major, so if writing is your passion, pursue it. You’ll learn valuable skills that will propel your career forward as you spend your college years in a field that motivates and inspires you every day.