3 Reasons to Enter the National Intern Day Contest

Alyssa Doyle
3 Reasons to Enter the National Intern Day Contest

The National Intern Day campaign is in full swing and you, your fellow interns and intern programs nationwide deserve to be celebrated for the hard work and dedication you put into your positions every day. There are several reasons why you should participate, but here are just a few of the standout reasons why you’ll benefit from entering the contest.

1. Be a part of something that matters.

As an intern, there’s nothing better than feeling recognized, valued and important to the company you’re interning for. Internships are a critical stepping stone to a successful career and by entering the contest, you’re helping to establish their significance. Interns are future world leaders, so nominating a rock star intern or an intern program that consists of professionals who are dedicated to teaching and shaping the next generation of workers will highlight the fact that internships are more than just getting coffee and making copies — they’re a great way to launch a career

2. The chance to win some awesome prizes.

Although winning an award for best intern is a stellar achievement on its own, the interns in each of the six categories that receive the most nominations will receive some awesome and fun cash prizes. You can nominate a friend (or even yourself) for the chance to take home one of these amazing prizes. Intern programs will win bragging rights, so if the company you’re interning for this summer is excellent and you’re learning a lot, nominate them today and win yourself some extra brownies points.

3. It will help you in your job search.

By keeping yourself up to date on the companies that have pledged to participate as well as interns and intern programs that have been nominated, you’ll have a better idea of where to start your search when you begin applying for internships. The interns who have been nominated are interning at companies that push their interns to succeed and the programs that have been nominated consist of individuals who believe in the importance of internships. You’ll have a list of companies in hand that make interns a priority, and it’s those values that would make you want to work for a company in the first place.

National Intern Day is a day to celebrate your achievements as well as the accomplishments of interns all across the country, so don’t miss out on a day that’s all about you. Enter the contest and be proud of interns everywhere not only on July 27th, but all year long, because your time as an intern is always worth the recognition. You can go to nationalinternday.com now to enter.

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