What Makes Insight Partners a Top-Tier Firm to Launch Your Career in Private Equity?

Maximilian Vanegas
What Makes Insight Partners a Top-Tier Firm to Launch Your Career in Private Equity?
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Your experience working in private equity, venture capital, or other investment sectors is bound to vary depending on where you work. While some firms are grounded in certain protocols, codes of conduct, and modes of operation, other new-age firms have adopted more innovative and revolutionary approaches – both with their business practices and the involvement of new hires and employees.

Regardless of which private equity firm you eventually work for, the most important factor is that you like the company and are able to give your best effort day in and day out. But what makes an ideal employer when it comes to working in private equity? And how do you know what to look for in a firm when deciding where to apply and potentially secure employment? 

There are certain characteristics and features that a majority of current students, recent graduates, and active professionals in the field look for when deciding what firm would be the best fit for them. These are characteristics and features that private equity firm Insight Partners has proven to retain, provide, and promote to the fullest extent.

Recently, we hosted a virtual event with Insight Partners where students and graduates looking for jobs got to hear more about life at the firm. One of the reasons we host these events is to offer prospective hires direct insight into a company from the people who work there. 

Here are a few of the key takeaways about Insight Partners that we pulled from the event and what the firm believes working in the private equity industry is all about.

1. Getting in the Action Early

The first characteristic we identified that makes Insight Partners such an attractive place to work is the opportunities it offers to new hires. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re working in – it is extremely rare to get direct, hands-on experience with crucial business matters, practices, and functions early on in your career. 

It usually takes time to reach a position where you’re able to take part in high-profile decisions and influential transactions, especially when it comes to private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC). However, this is not the case at Insight Partners. At Insight Partners, new hires and fresh analysts are thrown into the mix right away, creating a breeding ground for some of the most lucrative investors in the business to grow and thrive.

Gaining hands-on experience early on in your career is not only exciting, but it contributes to how quickly you grow and gain skills as a professional. If this is important to you, then Insight Partners is a firm you want to look into.

2. Work-life Balance

There is no doubt that the private equity industry can at times be tough. Almost everyone who pursues a career in the industry knows there will be early mornings and long nights, sometimes on the same day and on consecutive days. While these trends may still exist across the industry, Insight Partners has strived to offer its employees the right work-life balance. 

Employees at Insight Partners aren’t treated as employees; they’re treated as human beings who all share common goals. These goals include the proliferation and advancement of their mutual business ventures and the betterment of their personal lives, to name a few. By treating employees with respect and always coming from a place of understanding, Insight Partners believes it can create a workforce that is both productive and satisfied. 

3. Learning While You’re Earning

No matter what title or position you hold, you will always be learning on the job. With that in mind, one important factor to consider is the rate at which you learn new skills and how your coworkers and leaders are helping you refine them.

At Insight Partners, there are no walls between C-suite executives and junior employees. The culture at Insight Partners is collaborative through and through, with every team member driven to help one another succeed and accomplish objectives whether or not they are directly involved.

4. An Initiative of Inclusivity

At Insight Partners, your background is not only welcomed but celebrated as well. While the firm prides itself on having a diverse workforce, Insight Partners also looks to continue growing its presence as a symbol of inclusivity both inside and outside of the private equity realm.

For example, in 2019 Insight Partners hosted a summit in NYC that brought together over 300 female leaders across different interests and passions in tech, during which the firm underscored the need to elevate underrepresented demographics within the industry. Other examples of Insight Partners contributing to the proliferation of minority communities include matching employees’ donations to Black social justice charities, establishing Juneteenth as an annual firm holiday, and putting in place a DE&I Council to measure progress and ensure accountability.

What’s Right for You?

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to determine which factors matter when it comes to selecting a firm to apply to and work for. Whatever you do, make sure you weigh your options carefully and identify the values that truly matter to you.

For more insights into private equity, and for more information about the firm and its job offerings, keep an eye on Insight Partners’ profile page. If you’d like to rewatch the virtual event, follow the link here!