5 Tips For Rocking The First Week of Your Internship

Alyssa Doyle
5 Tips For Rocking The First Week of Your Internship

Your first week at an internship is extremely important. It’s when expectations are determined and you learn even more about what you’ll be doing throughout your time at the company. You’re setting the course for the remaining weeks, so you want to make sure that you do everything you can in that first week to make yourself stand out to your coworkers and your supervisor.

Follow these tips below to showcase your talents and be the rockstar intern that you are!

1. Come in early and leave late.

While punctuality is expected, coming in early will make a positive impression the second you step foot in the door. This is especially important on your first day, but throughout the first week and even throughout your internship in general. If you’re working eight hours per day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., don’t show up at 9 the dot and leave at exactly 5. You’ll be much more respected as an intern if you arrive earlier than necessary and leave around the same time, if not later, than everyone else, because you’re going above and beyond the minimum requirement.

2. Introduce yourself to everyone.

Your first week is the perfect time to get to know the people that you’ll be working alongside. Meet everyone and anyone you can. Getting to know your fellow interns and coworkers will make you feel comfortable in your environment and it will give you the chance to learn from many different people. Grab coffee or lunch or even just set aside time in the office to chat. This is your time to ask questions about an individual’s position, background, and experience at the company. Your internship will be so much more rewarding if you engage and interact with those around you.

3. Familiarize yourself with the office.

Within your first week, make sure you know the location of the bathroom, the kitchen, supply closets, etc… As a new intern, you’re not supposed to know where everything is yet, but if you don’t take the time to navigate the office early on, you’re going to feel awkward asking someone questions about it later on down the road. It doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the surrounding area as well. Maybe take a walk outside during your lunch break to find restaurants, stores, or anything else you might be looking for at some point. You’re going to be in the office for a majority of your time, so you want to know what’s around it too.

4. Get organized.

Even though you may not have begun any projects yet, because the first week can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, staying organized is key to being productive. Make sure to complete any tasks you may need to do to get you started like setting up your computer or desk or filling out forms. You want to have everything ready and prepared for when you start diving into your work and you don’t want to run into any issues before you even really begin.

5. Be positive.

No matter what happens on the first or second day, remain positive. Your coworkers and supervisor especially will be able to gauge your attitude, so avoid complaining or talking negatively. Wearing a smile on your face, especially during your first week, shows everyone in the company that you deserve to be there and that most importantly, you want to be there. In order to be a successful intern, you have to be willing to take on any tasks that are asked of you without hesitation. Plus, staying positive will make your time much more enjoyable.

Your first week is extremely significant, but don’t forget that an internship is meant to be a fun, learning experience for you as a student, so don’t get too caught up in any mistakes you make along the way. Just keep working hard and doing your best. Good luck!

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