Why this Consulting Company Built Voice Recognition Into Houseplants

Alyssa Greenfield
Why this Consulting Company Built Voice Recognition Into Houseplants
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Every day, across the world, teams at this company work on prototypes using artificial intelligence, virtual reality, quantum computing, and other emerging technologies.

Can you guess what company we’re talking about? Welcome to leading global consulting firm Accenture. Accenture Labs recruit top tech talent to experiment with cutting-edge technology and help the company’s clients innovate in their fields.

Here’s a look inside:

There are seven Accenture Labs, including two in the United States: Washington, DC and Silicon Valley.

The DC lab focuses on cyber security research and development, while the Silicon Valley lab focuses on things like AI, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and devices.

Every day, team members from different career levels and backgrounds work together to turn innovative ideas into reality. They also collaborate with Accenture industry  groups to make sure they’re providing the best possible results for clients.

For recent college grads, it’s an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by such fast-paced, game-changing work.

Since the first lab opened 30 years ago, teams have prototyped connected cars, smartphones (with accompanying apps), and virtual assistants before everyone was familiar with these technologies.

They’ve also worked on AI technology to detect emotions, and applied it in various prototypes, including a project that attached sensors and microphones to houseplants to monitor the health of the elderly.

They’re working with pharmaceutical companies to accelerate drug discovery using quantum computing.

And they collaborated with Microsoft and the United Nations on a project using biometrics to create personal identity records for more than half a million refugees in remote areas.

Did we mention how fast teams at Accenture Labs move? They can roll out pilot programs for new technologies in 2–4 weeks and partner with Accenture Liquid Studios for rapid prototyping in as little as a week.

… and to think: Accenture Labs is just getting started.

Bet you didn’t expect to find this many innovation opportunities at a top global consulting firm. Technology touches everything that happens at Accenture, whether you’re a consultant or working in a lab. Head over to WayUp to explore open positions at Accenture now!

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