This Company Hires For Potential—That’s Why They Interview Everyone Who Meets These Requirements

Liam Berry
This Company Hires For Potential—That’s Why They Interview Everyone Who Meets These Requirements
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When you’re looking for a job, it might seem like every listing has a long, complicated set of requirements—ones that you mysteriously never seem to meet. But if you have the right foundational skills (like communication, the ability to learn quickly, and leadership capacity) then you’re a match for some incredible jobs.

At least that’s how Apex—one of the country’s leading technical recruiting firms—sees it. Their strategy of hiring for this kind of potential led them to adopt a policy of interviewing everyone who meets their straightforward list of requirements.

Here’s a look at their unique hiring philosophy and why they’re always seeking new talent.

Your Major Doesn’t Matter—These Qualities Do

What comprises Apex’s list of basic requirements? You have to have a bachelor’s degree (or be on your way to getting one before you would start work), authorization to work in the US, and you have to be willing to relocate to one of Apex’s available locations (which isn’t a huge deal, considering they have hundreds of offices around the country).

But these aren’t the qualities that make someone a great Apex employee.

More than anything, the team at Apex is looking for people who are resilient and money-motivated. One of the best parts of working as a Recruiter at Apex is that your success (and the size of your paycheck) depends on your ability to perform the job well. That’s why people who are motivated by that bonus, commission, and paycheck are the ones who are able to put the work in required to succeed.

People with these traits tend to do well in Apex’s flagship Recruiter role. And it makes sense, too, considering they work with client companies to find and match the right talent for hard-to-fill or high-demand roles. Success, however, isn’t only driven by effort and motivation. The job requires excellent interpersonal skills: You’re selling candidates on the opportunities and clients on the candidates—proving to both that you’ve made a match. It takes a combination of sales and recruiting skills to get the job done. That unique combination makes it difficult for any one major or mindset to really define the parameters of who can be a great recruiter.

Because most people who succeed in the industry hadn’t even heard of it before they got there, Apex doesn’t just scan resumes for majors, minors, and business internships. Instead they look for those key personality traits. This combination of grit and foundational skills can be found in any major or background.

How To Get Your Interview—And An Incredible Opportunity In The World Of Technical Recruiting

Because Apex is always expanding and promoting its employees internally, they’re constantly seeking new people to join. And the best way to determine whether a person has what it takes to be a Recruiter at Apex is to have a conversation with them. So, when you apply, Apex doesn’t just toss your resume into a pass-or-fail pile, if you meet the basic requirements, they’ll pick up the phone and call you.

And that’s it. Whether you have the right stuff is something you can show them in the interview.

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