This Recruiting Company You’ve Never Heard Of Has Everything You’re Looking For In A Career

Liam Berry
This Recruiting Company You’ve Never Heard Of Has Everything You’re Looking For In A Career
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What do you want from your career?

First and foremost, you want to be paid well. Secondly, you’re going to want co-workers who can be your friends and push you to succeed. It also needs to be a job you can actually get. It can’t be your dream job if it takes five more years of school, and you’ve only got the patience (or budget) to make it through senior year. Finally, it needs to, you know, exist.

That’s where the Staffing and Recruiting company Apex comes in.

What is recruiting?

Recruiting is the process of enticing, evaluating, and onboarding talent for—in the case of Apex—a range of roles, including technical and scientific positions.

Research shows that recruiting is one of the least understood careers among young job seekers today. Many people think it involves taking planes, trains, and automobiles all around the country to scout out possible candidates and personally ask them to take a certain job.


However, the reality is often far different. If you’re good at sales (or want to be), chances are you’re a fit for recruiting. Recruiters work out of Apex’s offices across the U.S., using technology to sort through candidates, connect with them, and get them hired by companies trying to fill vacant positions. Nowadays, Apex Recruiters can close more deals than ever. In a commission-based role like this one, that means making more money than ever, too.

Is it more than just a job?

The short answer: Yes!

There’s plenty of room for upward movement with a Recruiting career at Apex. In fact, they promote based on performance, not tenure, so you have the ability to climb the ranks pretty rapidly if you excel in the position.

There are also different tracks you can follow at Apex. If you’re interested in working with both clients—in Apex’s case, these include companies that ask them to fill their staffing needs—and internal Recruiters—the people who are sourcing, identifying, and coaching candidates who could potentially fill those roles—then you can move up the Account Management track. It’s an Account Manager’s job to make sure all clients are getting the candidate results they’re looking for.


By the time you’re a Senior Account Manager, you’re going to be handling recruiters, clients, and more of the business decisions. If you’re truly a sales genius and the recruitment process is your bread and butter, then you can move up the long-term recruitment track. This way you handle more—and larger—clients, lead a team of Recruiters, and make national sales pitches.

Plus, more responsibilities often mean a bigger commission.

I’m not a business major. Can I still become an Apex Recruiter?

Again, the short answer is, YES!

Apex Recruiting expert Casey Weickgenannt stresses that successful Recruiters come from a range of educational fields. These include communications, PR, psychology, and marketing, among many others.

The team at Apex truly runs the gamut in terms of their college majors. What they’re looking for is something different. They want candidates with great social skills, intelligence, and a competitive spirit. Why these qualities? The best Recruiters gain the trust of candidates by giving them the confidence they need to take the next step in their career path.

A future that’s worth building.

If you’re someone who:

  • Wants a direct relationship between how hard/smart you work AND how much you get paid
  • Wants to meet social, driven people
  • Has a trustworthy, intelligent spirit
  • Can see yourself being a sales master

Then working at Apex could be the beginning of an incredibly fulfilling, lucrative career.

Interested? Apex is hiring on WayUp now, so check out their open positions and apply!