If You Want Great Training and Promotion Opportunities, Then This Company Is Just What You’re Looking For

Liam Berry
If You Want Great Training and Promotion Opportunities, Then This Company Is Just What You’re Looking For
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Everyone wants a job after they graduate. But more than that, they want a good job.

And what makes a good job? For many, it’s the possibility of turning it into a better one. Nobody wants a dead-end and nobody wants to leave a company without having acquired skills during their tenure.

That’s why finding a company that has clear structures in place for promotion and training is so important for a recent grad. And that’s where Apex comes in.

What Is Apex?

Apex is a Staffing and Recruiting firm that hires across all majors. That means they’re less concerned with what hard skills you’ve acquired during college. Why? Because they know that you can learn so much once you’ve started working.

Apex invests a ton of time and money into training each of their Recruiters in sales strategy, client interaction and advisement, and everything in between. They also have a clear path for promotion based on skills and performance. On top of that, Recruiters are paid more for doing well, because they get commission on their successful placements.

Why Apex Is The Perfect Company For Your First Post-Grad Job

If you add those things up, you really have the perfect post-grad job. Apex is a place where you learn skills relevant to both sales and Business Consulting, so if and when you do leave the company, you’re going to be a much more valuable hire.

Chances are, though, if you’re a good fit for Recruiting, you’re not going to want to leave because you can quickly get that coveted promotion. In fact, Apex Recruiting expert Casey Weickgenannt says that most successful Apex employees are promoted within their first six months of work.

You Can Move Up The Ladder At Apex

And those promotions allow you to get even deeper into building valuable skills. If you continue up the Recruiting track, then you can get better clients and more important placements. That means bigger commissions and more impressive accomplishments for your resume.

If you’re more suited to the Account Management track, you’re going to get experience working directly with clients (the businesses that hire Apex to fill positions). That means you’ll not only work out which strategy best suits their needs but also advise them on how they should be thinking about building their teams. Both of these skills are invaluable regardless of the field.

It seems like every company should pay you more and promote you for being successful. But they don’t. Working as a Recruiter for Apex, however, will reward you properly—and make you a better candidate for the future.

Interested in getting your career started? Apex is hiring on WayUp now, so check out their open positions and apply!