How Capital One Gets Its Tech Interns Excited About Putting Their Skills and Innovation to Good Use

Lily Herman
How Capital One Gets Its Tech Interns Excited About Putting Their Skills and Innovation to Good Use
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You probably know of Capital One as one of the leading American banking companies, but did you know that it’s also one of the most innovative technology firms around? After all, when it comes to making financial transactions easy, safe and secure for millions of customers, there needs to be robust technology making that happen.

How does Capital One find the best and brightest minds to take on its biggest tech challenges? It has a one-of-a-kind rotational internship to bring college students into the fold.

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Capital One has an incredible 10-week rotational technology internship program that gives students real projects that help better Capital One’s business and customer experience. (No fake internship assignments here!)

One of the biggest events for interns in the program is the Capital One Technology Internship Hackathon, which challenges students to come up with the best and most innovative new ideas to help the company and its customers. Teams of students square off to create amazing new products for the brand, and they get personalized mentorship and “office hours” to talk to top leaders in the company to fine-tune their ideas.

Interning at Capital One

The vibe of the event is all about experimentation and trying new concepts; interns are encouraged to come up with new ideas that the company hasn’t seen before, even if they don’t work out at first. This is also similar to the philosophy of Capital One’s entire internship program: Make it a goal to learn about things you know nothing about, and work with others to constantly improve your skills and the products you’re building.

And if you think the hackathon is all work and no play, you’re mistaken; there are arcade breaks, impromptu yoga sessions and ping pong tournaments that take place throughout the event, giving students the energy they need to bring their best ideas to the table.

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