Consider Yourself an Ambitious Young Professional AND a Shopaholic? We’ve Got the Perfect Company for You

Lily Herman
Consider Yourself an Ambitious Young Professional AND a Shopaholic? We’ve Got the Perfect Company for You
Sponsored by, Charlotte Russe

Calling all the shopaholics out there: We’ve found the perfect company for you where you can not only be valued as an ambitious professional but also get discounts on an amazing clothing collection too.

Sound too good to be true? It certainly isn’t; this dream company is none other than leading clothing retailer, Charlotte Russe!

Charlotte Russe offers amazing benefits for corporate and store employees alike, so check them out and get ready to apply to their open roles on WayUp now!

1. Chat With the CEO

Think that you have to be an executive to get face time with the CEO of a major company? At Charlotte Russe, think again! New team members working at Charlotte Russe’s corporate offices get to meet inspiring CEO Jenny Ming during their first couple of months on the job, so you know you’re valued from the start.

2. Employee Appreciation Weekends

Need a new wardrobe without spending too much money? Charlotte Russe can make that happen. Throughout the year, the company gives back to its team members with Employee Appreciation Weekends, where employees get extra discounts on top of their usual 40% discount. Not only does Charlotte Russe want you to be a boss, but they want you to look like a boss too.

3. Casual Work Environment

Charlotte Russe offers a number of great benefits to store employees, but two of the best ones to take advantage of on a daily basis are the flexible work schedule and the casual dress code.

4. Conferences

Team members at Charlotte Russe’s many locations nationwide are offered an amazing opportunity for their work: Top store managers get invited to attend brand leadership conferences, which allows them to meet with corporate leadership and go over the company’s direction, strategies, goals and results.

Even cooler: These conference have taken place at amazing locations like Las Vegas and Disney World, and they’re all-expenses paid!

5. Contests

Like a little motivation? Charlotte Russe’s store employees can win prizes like FitBits and iPads for meeting sales or conversion goals throughout the year, especially during peak times. A little incentive goes a long way!

6. Sample Sales

If you’re a shopaholic and you’re somehow not sold on working for Charlotte Russe, this will seal the deal: The team has sample sales every quarter (yep, four times a year!) for employees, meaning you can update your wardrobe on the reg.

Love what you see with Charlotte Russe? It’s time to apply to their positions now!