4 Ways EY Employees Give Back in a Big Way

Alyssa Greenfield
4 Ways EY Employees Give Back in a Big Way
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At professional services organization Ernst & Young LLP (EY), there’s no shortage of ways to give back. These are a few initiatives employees dedicate their time to:

  1. The College MAP Program: Employees work with high school students, providing guidance and encouraging them to apply to college. EY volunteers also help students apply for financial aid.
  2. The EY Vantage Program: In partnership with an organization called Endeavor Global, employees travel to emerging markets to advise promising entrepreneurs.
  3. EY Connect Day: This is an annual event where EY employees volunteer their time and talents to work on local community service projects.
  4.  The EY-Earthwatch Ambassador Program: Employees work with local entrepreneurs in Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru while simultaneously helping advance climate change research.

Just how much of an impact do these initiatives make? We’re glad you asked! Here’s a by-the-numbers breakdown of what it looks like to volunteer at EY.

Ready to join the EY team in giving back at home and around the world? They’re hiring now, so head over to WayUp and apply!