5 Unexpected Everyday Products This Company Powers

Alyssa Greenfield
5 Unexpected Everyday Products This Company Powers
Sponsored by, Gates

Leading manufacturing company Gates may have built a reputation around its power transmission belts and products for oil and gas engineering, but there’s so much more to their story. In fact, we guarantee you’ve used more than one Gates-powered product without even knowing it. As the team at Gates says, “if it moves you, there’s a good chance Gates has a part in it”. And they mean it.

Don’t believe us? Read on. And once you’re convinced, head on over to WayUp and apply to join the Gates team.

1. That escalator you rode at the mall this weekend.

If it weren’t for Gates, you might be stuck taking the stairs. That’s because they power the technology that helps you go up and down (and up and down again), whether you’re in the middle of a marathon shopping trip or making your way up to the nosebleed seats at a basketball game.

2. That camera you (or your parents) used to document your last family vacation.

Gates also powers those moments that call for something a little nicer than a smartphone camera. Thanks in part to their work, you can document that sunset on the beach, or mom and dad can take a family photo (or ten) for next year’s holiday card.

3. The kiosk where you rented a DVD for movie night.

Ever made a run to the grocery store with friends to pick up snacks for a Friday night movie marathon and stopped at the movie rental kiosk on your way out? Gates powers those machines where you can push a few buttons and pay less than the cost of a candy bar to rent the perfect film.

4. A virtually maintenance-free replacement for your bike chain.

Bike chains are oily, rust easily and require a ton of maintenance. Because of that, you can’t always just hop on your bike and go without doing some work on your ride first. But the Gates Carbon Drive is making all of that maintenance a thing of the past for everyone from city commuters to mountain bikers. Gates’ belts are reinforced using carbon, which means they don’t need grease, last way longer than any bike chain on the market and provide a smoother ride. That means you can skip any pre-trip repairs and get right to pedaling.

5. Oh, and your car.

… and your bike, ATV or motorcycle if those are more your style. If the place you want to go isn’t walkable, you’re probably using Gates to get there. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a cross-country road trip, heading to your friend’s house a town over or going off-roading. Gates is there to make sure you and your passengers are going forward, backward and any direction you need to go. Bonus: Gates also powers the machines that pour cement, so you can thank them for the sidewalk where you ride your bike, too.

Surprised that you’ve already used plenty of products powered by Gates? Ready for a job where you’ll be working on amazing (and amazingly useful) innovations every day?

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