InternMatch (powered by LookSharp) Acquires Readyforce

Zoe Schiffer
InternMatch (powered by LookSharp) Acquires Readyforce

Interns, recent grads, recruiters and employers–we are thrilled to announce some major news today–InternMatch (powered by LookSharp) has acquired!

Readyforce, like LookSharp, is a San Francisco-based company geared toward helping students and recent grads launch their careers. For the past 18 months they have grown a fantastic network of interns, new grads, employers and recruiters. While initially competitors, we’ve always had a huge amount of respect for the tools Readyforce built. They’ve kept a keen eye on making the traditionally painful college recruiting process easier for both students and companies.

That’s why this acquisition is going to be an enormous win for everyone involved.

For students we will be adding over 2,000 new employers into our marketplace including Forbes 2,000’s, world-changing non-profits and hot technology companies like Space-X and Microsoft.

For employers it means that the profiles of over 200,000 new students and recent grads are now discoverable via our Student Search tool. It’s also an opportunity to brand yourself with a new or updated Company Page on LookSharp so that students gain insight into your office and culture.

For years, one of the biggest challenges in college hiring has been a lack of access. Employers can’t make it to every career fair, and students see only a small fraction of the total job opportunities available to them.

InternMatch has grown exponentially in the last 5 years. Today over 10 million students (50% of the college population) and 30,000 employers use the site annually. We’ve created a one-stop shop where both students and employers can effectively connect with one another. Ultimately, the acquisition of Readyforce and their highly engaged users will help accelerate this process.

To all our current interns, recent grads and employers–we wanted to say thank you for your support. It’s been amazing working together to help so many of you launch your careers and find top talent.

To new interns, recent grads and employers from Readyforce–we wanted to say welcome aboard! We’re thrilled to be here to help you launch your careers and build the future DNA of your companies. To begin using the site, click the buttons below.

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