Introducing WayUp’s Most Hirable Seniors

Elana Widmann
Introducing WayUp’s Most Hirable Seniors

With graduation fast-approaching, we decided it was time to highlight some of the most impressive seniors on WayUp.

We looked through thousands of WayUp profiles, specifically, those seniors who’ve made the most updates since January 1, 2018. We then filtered through to see who had filled out specific fields including a fun fact, leadership experience, skills, and a professional headshot.

After much deliberation internally, we settled on these 50 students from 47 colleges and universities across the nation that we feel are WayUp’s “Most Hirable Seniors.” These students not only have incredible past work experience but, are also well-rounded individuals we believe will crush it in the real world.

Check out our “Most Hirable Seniors” below:

Name: Alex Gerzon
School: Rutgers University
Hometown: Kiev, Ukraine
He is hirable because: Alex has an impressive amount of technical skills including CSS, Python, Ruby, SQL, and so much more. Not only that, he thrives in any environment he’s in, as he’s moved over 20 times in his life!

Name: Anhar Karim
School: Princeton University
Hometown: Germantown, Maryland
He is hirable because: Anhar implemented what he learned in the classroom as a Religious Studies major out of the classroom as a leader in the Muslim Students Association at Princeton.

Name: Antonellie Delacruz
School: SUNY Plattsburgh
Hometown: Centereach, New York
She is hirable because: Antonellie’s passion for equality in the workplace is made clear by her commitment to the Women in Leadership club on campus.

Name: Berliza Soriano
School: University of Puerto Rico
Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico
She is hirable because: With coursework that includes bacterial genetics, bioinformatics, and cell cytotoxicity has big things in store as she pursues a career in biotechnology.

Name: Brandon Beilstein
School: Pennsylvania State University
Hometown: Greenville, Pennsylvania
He is hirable because: Brandon isn’t just an aspiring mechanical engineer. He also has a passion for the outdoors and volunteers with Shenango River Watchers, an organization dedicated to preserving the environment.

Name: Cassandra Reyes 
School: San Jose State University
Hometown: San Jose, California
She is hirable because: This well-rounded marketing major has a serious passion for all aspects of the field, from photoshop to product marketing, to advertising, and more.

Name: Chantal Atkinson
School: New York University
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
She is hirable because: Chantal isn’t just a triple major who knows multiple coding languages. Her soft skills are equally impressive. On her WayUp profile, she includes public speaking, collaborative problem solving, and resourcefulness.

Name: Chris Cognetta
School: University of Southern California
Hometown: Los Altos, California
He is hirable because: Chris is a natural leader. He created the organization Bright Innovative Technologies, which helps students develop and produce new software. In addition, he’s also the Vice President of Teach for Los Angeles, where he helps with the organization’s website and marketing efforts.

Name: Christine George
School: University of Maryland
Hometown: Yorktown Heights, New York
She is hirable because: Christine is serious about marketing and business development, but she’s also got a fun claim to fame: two-time winner of a Greek Life watermelon-eating contest.

Name: Colette Smith
School: DePaul University
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
She is hirable because: Colette is an entrepreneur. She took a year off from college to found an online vintage clothing store, then went back to finish her degree in computer science.

Name: Danielle Emeka
School: Portland State University
Hometown: New York, New York
She is hirable because: Danielle’s skills include creative writing, photoshop, social media, and website design. Not surprising, since she notes on her WayUp profile that she’s always challenging herself.

Name: Danielle Wilkinson
School: Purdue University
Hometown: Norcross, Georgia
She is hirable because: Danielle has some serious journalism experience. She is the Editor in Chief for the Purdue branch of Her Campus, and is also President of the Association for Women in Communication.

Name: David Baker
School: Berry College
Hometown: Suwanee, Georgia
He is hirable because: David channels his creativity into everything he does—whether it’s his hobbies of music production and playing the piano to his future marketing career.

Name: Duke Nguyen-Ngoc 
School: Augustana College
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
He is hirable because: When Duke was five years old, he appeared in a Vietnamese movie series. This probably means this triple major is also great at public speaking…

Name: Emily Kern
School: Union College
Hometown: Newton, Massachusetts
She is hirable because: Talk about multi-talented. Emily always said she’d never get into writing. Now, she’s a computer science major and an editor for her school’s newspaper.

Name: Emmet Hayes
School: University of Massachusetts
Hometown: Pasadena, California
He is hirable because: Emmet has an array of unique interests. Some of Emmet’s passions include coding, technology, math, science, and music (he plays electric bass in a local band).

Name: Gabriela Yáñez
School: Normandale Community College
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
She is hirable because: There’s no question that Gabriela is smart and driven. How do we know? She started college when she was only 16 years old!

Name: Hannah Presley
School: Christopher Newport University
Hometown: Finksburg, Maryland
She is hirable because: Hannah isn’t just a future communications leader. She’s also an animal lover, having volunteered at the SPCA for the past several years.

Name: Jonathan Feng
School: UC Berkeley
Hometown: Diamond Bar, California
He is hirable because: Jonathan is a cognitive science major, but he also has a passion for video. His most recent work includes a freelance documentary about the recent forest fires in Santa Rosa, California.

Name: Jonathan Liang
School: Emory University
Hometown: San Diego, California
He is hirable because: His leadership experience includes welcoming and supporting new international students on campus and serving as the Head of Android Development for his school’s programming development club.

Name: Joseph Delgado
School: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Hometown: Saddle Brook, New Jersey
He is hirable because: Joseph has no shortage of technical skills. This computer science major lists 3D printing, game development, and several programming languages as his areas of expertise.

Name: Joshua Chin
School: Cornell University
Hometown: Branchburg, New Jersey
He is hirable because: Joshua clearly has a passion for technology. As a double major in applied economics and management, he cares about making an impact on others and learning new things.

Name: Junwei Xu 
School: UC San Diego
Hometown: Taiyuan, China
He is hirable because: Junwei has volunteered with UCSD Education Corps for the past year, where he volunteers at schools around San Diego and helps students learn math and Chinese.

Name: Katherine Arriola
School: SUNY Buffalo
Hometown: New York, New York
She is hirable because: This electrical engineering major has impressive leadership experience. She teaches computing workshops and classes to middle school and high school girls, and is also the secretary for the National Society For Black Engineers.

Name: Kayla Orlando
School: Marist College
Hometown: New York, New York
She is hirable because: Kayla has an impressive range of hobbies, including traveling, video games, ice hockey, boxing, editing, and PC building. What doesn’t this girl do?

Name: Kelsi Navalta
School: University of the Pacific
Hometown: San Jose, California
She is hirable because: Kelsi may be going to school for biology, but her Instagram feed is proof that she also has some serious photography skills.

Name: Kendra Tallman
School: University of Nebraska
Hometown: Kennewick, Washington
She is hirable because: Kendra is an English major, but reading and writing aren’t the only things she loves to do in her spare time. She’s also a fan of sewing, drawing, painting, yoga, and video games.

Name: Kevin Bjelland
School: Utah State University
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, California
He is hirable because: Kevin works a full-time while going to school. Talk about time-management skills…

Name: Mariia Onipchenko
School: Northeastern University
Hometown: Saint Moritz, Switzerland
She is hirable because: Mariia completed three co-ops during her time at Northeastern—one of them abroad. She also did not one, but two study abroad programs to understand how different businesses and cultures operate.

Name: Matthew Stanfield
School: Missouri University of Science and Technology
Hometown: Grandview, Missouri
He is hirable because: In addition to being an aspiring aerospace engineer, Matthew also volunteers his time socializing shelter dogs, playing piano at his church, and helping alleviate poverty in Guatemala and El Salvador.

Name: Meg Weck
School: Tufts University
Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey
She is hirable because: This English and film major has a whole lot of leadership experience, including serving as the student government programming chair and being an assistant teacher for underprivileged children.

Name: Mia Stranberg
School: Concordia College at Moorhead
Hometown: Andover, Minnesota
She is hirable because: Mia has an impressive amount of volunteer experience, including assisting teachers at a Spanish-immersion school, and supporting an organization whose mission is to end human trafficking.

Name: Micaela Gately
School: Florida Southern College
Hometown: Stevensville, Maryland
She is hirable because: Judging from her coursework, Micaela has an amazing career ahead of her. She’s studied topics like sales management, industrial psychology, applied business statistics, management principles, and more.

Name: Michaela Mucha
School: High Point University
Hometown: Havre de Grace, Maryland
She is hirable because: Throughout her college career, Michaela has volunteered with the US Army, Habitat for Humanity, NYC Pride, Food Recovery Network, and more.

Name: Mohammad Afrasiabi
School: CSU Northridge
Hometown: San Fernando, California
He is hirable because: Mohammad has some pretty unique volunteering experience: working at a therapeutic horseback riding center. He helps children ride the horses and complete different games and activities.

Name: Nicholas Espinosa
School: University of Central Florida
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
He is hirable because: This computer science major has some seriously interesting hobbies. Among them: gaming, playing instruments, record collecting, DIY projects, board games, and cryptography.

Name: Nityam Jigyasu
School: Texas State University
Hometown: Mumbai, India
He is hirable because: Nityam speaks four languages: English, French, Gujarati, Hindi, and Marathi. And that’s not including the programming languages he knows.

Name: Pauleen Banzuela
School: UC Riverside
Hometown: Corona, California
She is hirable because: When she’s not in class, this bioengineering major loves powerlifting, hiking, drawing, and traveling.

Name: Prince Ikede
School: Carroll University
Hometown: New York, New York
He is hirable because: This college athlete isn’t afraid of a challenge. He plays soccer, basketball, and can jump over anyone who’s shorter than 6 feet.

Name: Renay Brown
School: Stephen F Austin State University
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
He is hirable because: This California native is an involved member of his schools “Men of Achievement” organization, and loves problem solving. He even developed an app that would allow the whole organization to communicate and interact outside of their meetings!

Name: Renee Li
School: Rice University
Hometown: San Antonio
She is hirable because: Renee is a math wizard who enjoys helping others. She started her own SAT math tutoring business and has tutored over 30 students.

Name: Ryan Murray
School: Oregon State University
Hometown: Newnan, Georgia
He is hirable because: Ryan mentors other students in the engineering department. Why? He has some impressive technical skills including c++, css, html, java, python, and more.

Name: Sabrina Lee
School: UC San Diego
Hometown: Carlsbad, California
She is hirable because: She’s a fast learner who’s not afraid to teach herself new skills. She plays piano, and taught herself how to play the guitar and the ukulele.

Name: Saul Flores-Lopez
School: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Hometown: Sheboygan, Wisconsin
He is hirable because: This Google student ambassador worked at a factory making toilet seats every summer throughout his undergraduate college years in order to help pay for it. Talk about hustle.

Name: Scott Allen
School: Eastern Washington University
Hometown: Renton, Washington
He is hirable because: Don’t try to keep up with Scott on a bike. He placed 45th at collegiate cycling nationals last year, and his goal is to make the top 20 this year!

Name: Sunny Chen
School: Baruch College
Hometown: New York, New York
He is hirable because: Sunny has a wide range of skills. He can build sophisticated pivot tables, beautiful keynote presentations, figure out your SEO strategy, and even get in the weeds with your social media strategy.

Name: William Mandl
School: Indiana University
Hometown: Livingston, New Jersey
He is hirable because: This future health and medicine leader is a great role model as well. As a two-time high school sports captain, he now brings his love of sports to elementary school children he coaches in lacrosse.

Name: Yeho Hwang
School: New York University
Hometown: Teaneck, New Jersey
She is hirable because: Yeho speaks three languages (English, Korean, and Chinese) and has some impressive leadership experience. She’s the Recording Secretary for Kappa Kappa Gamma, and the President of Habitat for Humanity on campus.

Name: Zebrielle Wheatley
School: University of Maryland
Hometown: Washington, District of Columbia
She is hirable because: You can count on Zebrielle to put in 100%, always. She had perfect attendance from kindergarten through her senior year of high school!