You’ll Never Guess Which Company Is Planting The Seeds Of Sustainability In Its New Start-Up Brand

Liam Berry
You’ll Never Guess Which Company Is Planting The Seeds Of Sustainability In Its New Start-Up Brand
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Technological and scientific advancement isn’t confined to the labs of space agencies and secretive government facilities.  Products that we use in our everyday lives as seemingly simple as sunscreen make huge leaps forward because of new technologies.  And when a passion for science is coupled with the value of sustainability, innovation sprouts in wonderful ways.  That’s why it shouldn’t surprise you to find out that one of the world’s most innovative businesses is actually a 109-year-old company whose products you might have used today and that you’ve absolutely heard of: L’Oréal.

L’Oréal is innovating on a number of different fronts, from UV sensors to customized, on-demand skincare. Employees across the company embrace this spirit on innovation and culture of entrepreneurship: from the labs to commercial sales, from supply chain to marketing, new ideas are being brought to market all the time. (That’s probably why they hire so many college grads and interns!)

Here’s the story of how one new brand – SEED Phytonutrients – arose from the combination of this unique culture and a passion for a lofty goal – sustainability.

“Intrapreneurship” Plus Innovation = SEED Phytonutrients

“So I had this idea about a natural, sustainable brand, but it wasn’t without risk” says Shane Wolf, Worldwide GM of Redken, Pureology, Mizani, and SEED Phytonutrients.  L’Oréal’s entrepreneurial culture enabled and supported him to move his idea forward.  “I had one final pitch meeting in Paris . . . getting that final yes was an indescribable moment and I wasted no time getting started.”

Shane and his team are prime examples of how employees at a large global organization can be true “intrapreneurs” in their company.

L’Oréal took a strategic bet to incubate this great idea into what is today a cutting edge line of natural, sustainable products. The team at SEED employs unique, highly effective applications of cold-pressed sunflower and camelina seed oils (rich in antioxidants and other stuff that makes your face and body glow) in order to produce their powerful but face-friendly skincare line.

But it’s not just the quality of the product that’s amazing. The sunflowers and camelina used in the products are sourced exclusively from local, family-owned farmers with superb ecological impact standards. And to top it off, they developed the first shower-friendly paper bottles made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper with a post-consumer recycled plastic liner.   The packaging is produced entirely from recycled, post-consumer cardboard (preventing it from hitting landfills) and—more interestingly—chalk. Chalk acts as an antimicrobial agent to protect the product inside. Another huge plus: It’s naturally occurring and non-polluting (and it works great on blackboards).

Empowering Consumers And Employees Alike

Products like those in the SEED line also empower people to choose a different way to take care of their skin. In fact, the breadth of L’Oréal’s entire product line empowers people to pick what’s right for their skin and help them find the look that suits them.

And, of course, SEED’s new line tackles both the issue of ethical ingredient sourcing AND that of environmental damage due to disposable plastic packaging.

Whether you’re a tech person with a passion for the environment or an entrepreneurial product person with an eye on the future of tech integration, L’Oréal is a place where you can make a difference.

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