This Company Tells The Story Of Elite Athletes, E-Sports Champions, And More

Liam Berry
This Company Tells The Story Of Elite Athletes, E-Sports Champions, And More
Sponsored by, Red Bull

On New Year’s Eve of 2019, hundreds of thousands of people were tuning in to watch the festivities in Times Square. And no, we’re not talking about the traditional ball drop. We’re talking about Tyler “Ninja” Blevins streaming Fortnite: Battle Royale—the sensational video game played, watched, and streamed billions of times since its launch in 2017

Across the world, months earlier, on a snowy platform in South Korea’s Jeongseon Alpine Center, Lindsey Vonn, the most accomplished female downhill skier of all time, is photographed in preparation for her 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic run.

What do these exceptional champions have in common? Their stories are told, at least in part, by Red Bull. Ninja and Lindsey Vonn are just two of many high-performing athletes in sports ranging from the traditional to the extreme under the umbrella of Red Bull’s sponsorship.

Here’s a look at Red Bull’s unparalleled brand and marketing strategy—and why that makes it the perfect place to intern.

Red Bull Is A Brand Built On Amazing Stories

Red Bull internship interns lindsey vonn olympics story telling media
Lindsey Vonn at the Olympics, as captured by Red Bull.

Red Bull is one of those brands that’s so omnipresent, it can be easy to forget that they make energy drinks. You’ll see their logo on Olympic athletes and NBA players; plastered on half-pipes at the X-Games; and even on the (literal) wings of stunt planes.

Red Bull has put its name on so many exceptional things that it’s hard not to associate the brand with the exceptional energy of its sponsored people and projects.

And this is pretty great for its employees. Not only do they seek out and document endeavors that they (and so many others) find awe-inspiring and noteworthy, but they do so in a way that makes Red Bull a part of something greater than an energy drink. Red Bull is now a part of the culture of exceptional people and unique accomplishments.

How did they become a ubiquitous brand? Through tireless event sponsorship, groundbreaking visual media, and constant presence. By telling the story of all types of exceptional people, from gamers like Ninja to Olympians like Vonn and even competitive lumberjacks like Matt Cogar (although he prefers the term “timbersports”), they’ve done it in a way that can connect with everyone.

Even things like the famous Red Bull Mini Coopers and other on-campus marketing are part of the story.

That type of excellence in media and storytelling makes the brand successful, year after year, despite stiff competition in the performance drinks market.

It also makes it the perfect place to start and grow your career.

Why Red Bull’s Storytelling Excellence Makes It The Perfect Place To Intern

You don’t have to work in Red Bull Media House to benefit from the company’s incredible media strategy.

Many of the disciplines in Red Bull’s internship program not only benefit from, but participate in, the incredible storytelling efforts. Red Bull offers internships in Marketing, Sales & Distribution, Communications, Finance, and—of course—Media.

80 percent of those internship offerings deal directly with telling Red Bull’s story: to consumers, to fans, to anyone who’s willing to listen. Whether you’re finding people in a store, on their computers, at an event, or watching TV, you’re telling them a story.

Red Bull’s breakthrough methods in brand building, marketing, media, and sales have made them one of the most successful companies in the world. Interning with this team is an opportunity to learn from the best, and prove yourself on a major stage.

Plus, learning from Red Bull professionals means learning about recently pioneered methods that simply won’t have made it to your marketing, advertising, and media textbooks yet. Learning the newest methods and philosophies will make you a better professional and a more desirable candidate when it comes to finding a full-time job.

Need more examples? Take a look at Red Bull’s superb Media House and Student Marketeer programs. Not sure which program to apply to? Start with their Wingfinder quiz, a personality and aptitude test that provides a full report of your skills, weaknesses, career recommendations.

Want to learn more? Check out Red Bull’s US internship program page.