Celebrate Small-Business Saturday By Applying To Internships At These Startups And Local Companies

Liam Berry
Celebrate Small-Business Saturday By Applying To Internships At These Startups And Local Companies

Small Business Saturday is a celebration of the local, young, or otherwise smaller-scale businesses in our lives. It’s a day of sales, communal pride, and—of course—shopping. But this year, how about appreciating these companies in a different way? How about making some money instead of spending it? (Although, feel free to do both.)

In the spirit of the holiday, we’ve put together a list of amazing jobs and internships hiring right now at some incredible small businesses. From tech medical tech startups to brick-and-mortar designer stores, we’ve got it all.

1. Marketing Internship @ Snailz

This beauty startup based in NYC’s fashionable SoHo neighborhood is the perfect place to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing at a fast-paced company. This is a double win for SBS because not only is Snailz a startup, but the team helps their users book nail salon appointments with local businesses through the app and online.

2. Copywriter/Social Media Intern @ Gueridon

This Brooklyn-based retailer of fine and exotic furniture seeks a social media-savvy, clever copywriting intern to join its marketing team. A brick-and-mortar showroom with an online presence? This place couldn’t be more SBS or ideal for an intern trying to get experience in the marketing world.

3. Sales/Marketing Intern @ The Farm SoHo

Small businesses just love marketing interns, right?

The Farm SoHo is a co-working space located on prime Manhattan real estate. It’s a space for creators, businesses, and other endeavors to bring their teams and get work done without the hassle and risk of committing to a full-blown office lease.

4. Internship Program @ Azzure Home

Work on a diverse team handling everything from business-y, excel-heavy analysis to social media marketing for this home decor startup with an—obviously—beautiful office space.

Bonus: Become Your Own Small Business

Of course, if you’re truly enamored with the idea of small businesses, why not start your own? It doesn’t have to be a startup that goes through an alphabet of funding rounds and a 15-minute spot on Shark Tank (although, it certainly could be).

You can just start your own business with a side hustle. Become your own dog-sitting, tutoring, delivering, or marketing business when you pick up a side-gig. To get you started, we’ve even put together a list of the four best side hustles for your resume (and your wallet).

This is just a (very) small sampling of the small businesses hiring on WayUp. So, go and celebrate them in the best way your college-aged self can: Apply to work there. And you can start here on WayUp.