13 Things You Didn’t Know About Working For Starbucks

WayUp Staff
13 Things You Didn’t Know About Working For Starbucks
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You probably know that a Starbucks espresso can get you through your all-nighters during finals week. You know that their pumpkin spice latte is fall in a grande cup. But did you know that Starbucks is also an incredible place to work? 

Here are 13 reasons why you should consider a career at Starbucks. So check them out and then click here to learn more about Starbucks and apply for their open roles—like their barista job—on WayUp! 

1. 70 Percent Of Starbucks Employees Are Students Or Aspiring Students

When you’re working at Starbucks, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded coworkers and  managers. Starbucks is dedicated to the academic and career success of its employees. See #2 to see how far their dedication goes.

2. Starbucks Provides Full Tuition Coverage Through The Starbucks College Achievement Plan (SCAP)

Starbucks offers full tuition coverage to all full- and part-time employees in partnership with Arizona State University. Employees can choose from over 70 online degree programs, and you are not required to stay with Starbucks after you earn your degree.

3. SCAP Students Have A Support Team Ready To Help Them Get Through School

This includes a dedicated enrollment counselor to guide you through the process of joining, success coaches, academic and career advisors, and 24/7 tutoring on a variety of subjects as well. This interactive program keeps you connected with campus at all times.

4. More Than 80 Percent Of Starbucks Employees Approve Of Their CEO

Starbucks employees are happy with leadership at the company. And according to Glassdoor, 77 percent of them would recommend the company to a friend.

5. There Are More Than 87,000 Drink Combos

It’s no shock that customization of drink orders at Starbucks is intense, so much so that there are 87,000 possible drink orders (and counting) at any given Starbucks — and baristas can make most (if not all) of them.

6. You Can Take Home A Free Bag Of Coffee Each Week And Choose One Free Food And Drink Item Per Shift

Amazing, right?!

7. Employees Get A 30 Percent Discount On All Food And Beverage Items

Once you’ve claimed your free food, drink, and weekly bag of coffee, you’ll still save some serious cash on everything else you buy.

8. You’ll Smell Like Coffee All The Time

That basically means you’ll be everyone’s favorite person.

9. Starbucks Employees Are Called “Partners”

Starbucks believes in calling all employees partners because the term fosters a sense of equality and shared vision. In the company’s words: “we are all partners in shared success.”

10. Every Partner At Any Level Is Eligible To Receive An Annual Grant Of Company Stock

Unifying the team isn’t the only reason Starbucks refers to employees as partners. The Starbucks Bean Stock program allows partners to share in the financial success of the company through an annual Starbucks stock grant.

11. Starbucks Employees Who Work At Least 20 Hours/Week Are Eligible For Medical Benefits

This includes 100 percent coverage for preventive care.

12. You Will Learn Key Career Skills Like Great Customer Service, Teamwork, And Working Efficiently Under Pressure

Nothing will test your endurance like a long line of customers ordering extremely specific drinks at 8am. But you won’t be alone. The whole team will be in it together,  working in synch at each station. It’s an experience that develops trust, time and project management skills, and most of all, your confidence.

13. You’ll Probably Never Burn Your Coffee Again

Because you’ve made thousands of amazing cups of coffee for thousands of happy customers.

Starbucks is hiring baristas across the country. So check out their open positions on WayUp and apply!

Barista Application Tip!

Did you know you can submit your application to up to 5 stores at one time? In order to stand out after submitting your application, stop by the store(s) you applied to and introduce yourself to the manager or shift supervisor. Let them know you recently applied and what excites you about the opportunity. If you don’t get a call for an interview within 60 days, you can re-apply to the same or different stores. Good luck!