I Had No Idea What My Dream Job Was Before I Took It: A Q&A With A Technical Recruiter

Liam Berry
I Had No Idea What My Dream Job Was Before I Took It: A Q&A With A Technical Recruiter
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For a title made up of two seemingly descriptive words, “Technical Recruiter” is a bit of a mystery for people outside the industry—most of whom, by the way, have never actually heard of the world of technical recruiting, much less considered working in it.

At least, that’s where Brianna found herself. Before working for TEKsystems—one of the leading technical recruiting firms in the United States—she worked briefly in politics and journalism before taking a role in human resources.

When she did finally end up at TEKsystems, she quickly found that with dedicated mentorship, training, and opportunities to rapidly grow—all while helping others find their way up in life—she truly had found her dream role.

We sat down with her to find out what that was like—and why the Technical Recruiter role is perfect for so many new graduates.

So, what do you do at TEKsystems?

I’m a Technical Recruiter specializing in matching the right professionals to roles in the digital and creative spaces.

Recently, I’ve also been recognized for my ability to help develop some of our newest recruiters. That’s something I really enjoy. And that’s my newest venture right now. I have my first new recruiter reporting to me, and I get to teach them all of the great things I’ve learned in the past two years.

What do you think people think the Technical Recruiter role is like? And what is it actually like?

People usually think it’s a role in which we’re constantly berating people to take a position with one of the companies we work with. And I think what people really get wrong—and one of the ways that TEKsystems really differentiates itself from the other recruiting services firms—is that we’re really focused on being career partners to professionals in the workforce.

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While we are looking to match people to roles, it’s much bigger than that. We really want to network with people, understand what they want, and to help them achieve that. It’s a lot more fulfilling when you’re able to do that.

How did you come to be a Technical Recruiter? And how much did you know about the industry before you started?

(Laughs) I knew next to nothing. I, like a lot of other liberal arts majors, pursued what I was passionate about when I graduated, and then I was like, “Now what? I’m not an engineer. I’m not a doctor. What do I do? I don’t have a real profession yet.”

So, I tried a few things, and ultimately I landed in a human resources environment. And I knew that I wanted to help people and be an advocate for employees, and that was a great match. Three months in, I realized that it wasn’t what I felt I was best at. I did, however, like the recruiting aspects of the job.

When I did my research on recruiting roles, it really seemed that TEKsystems was unparalleled in regards to their development of new recruiters. So, I thought, I’m going to take a risk here, and if I’m going to do it, then I’m going to do it with them. I had full faith that they were going to train me to be the type of recruiter I wanted to be.

When did you know that you’d found the right match? What made you feel that way?

From my first interview, it was just night and day in terms of how they interacted with me. I really felt that I was valued as a candidate. They were seeking to not only understand me as one of their thousands of applicants, but also what I could bring to their office. I felt very understood and valued right away.

Let’s talk about some of those training and development opportunities you experienced. What were they like?

We have a really intensive training program during which you’re aligned to a mentor. [Brianna actually just became one of these.] So, you get that one-on-one attention right away. And that’s important, because most of the people who come into our company are new grads or people who are just learning the field.

Plus, the office really leans in. Everyone in the office is very much invested in your development, and they make it known that they’re here for your support.

You’re constantly involved in development activities. They really put you out there. You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. But despite the learning curve, in seven weeks, you’ll be amazed with what you’re able to accomplish here.

It sounds like you not only had these opportunities, but really seized them. How were you rewarded for taking advantage of these chances to grow? What is like to perform well at TEKsystems?

TEKsystems has the kind of compensation structure that rewards you for hard work. While we do have a competitive base salary, we’re a commission-based company. So, if you work hard, you’re going to be compensated with uncapped commission. That’s something that’s really, really exciting, because if you want to work hard, then the payoff is going to be there. It’s an excellent motivator.

And it’s not just with compensation. TEKsystems recognizes hard work, respect, and overall skill within your craft. When you embody those things, they quickly open up opportunities for you.

Okay, if we’re sold on the technical recruiting field, why should TEKsystems be our #1 choice?

You’re not going to get training like this anywhere else. The training you get in one year at TEKsystems, would take you at least two years anywhere else. So, if you’re interested in recruiting, then really look at TEKsystems, because not only are you going to learn all of the fundamentals and the right way to recruit, but you’re going to position yourself to have a career alongside people who can and will become a family to you.

There’s really no other company in the recruiting industry that allows for growth so quickly. At TEKsystems, you really are in control of your future and your career, and in your first job, that’s usually not the case. If you find some place that lets you be in the front seat of your career, you want to be there.

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