WayUp Makes Sure Employers Get Back To Everyone Within 24 Hours

Liam Berry
WayUp Makes Sure Employers Get Back To Everyone Within 24 Hours

Here’s an easy question: What’s the worst part of the job search process? The answer: Spending hours working on an application and then…hearing nothing back.

For WayUp users, those days are over.

On the newest version of WayUp—starting today—every person who applies to a job on the platform will hear back from the employer within 24 hours. Yes, we actually mean 24 hours.

You might’ve noticed this feature on a few jobs you’ve applied to before. Or perhaps you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true. If so, don’t take it from us. Take it from users like you:

“I like the idea of someone being in my corner. I’ve applied for work for some time without any responses and now I’m getting them using your platform.”

“The thing I have liked the best so far is that when I applied to Under Armour, I heard back within 24 hours and at every step knew what was going to happen next.”

“The feature where you get a response within 24 hours is amazing. It’s unlike any other job board, in an excellent way.”

It was thorough, fast, and efficient from the application process to the phone screening.”

The average recruitment platform doesn’t offer this feature—which is why it’s no surprise the #1 complaint we hear from candidates about the job search process is that they don’t hear back from employers.

So, how did WayUp change that?


1. Tell us about yourself.

We know finding a job can be stressful, so we’ve made it simple. It only takes a few minutes. Create a free profile on WayUp to show your best self and get discovered by top employers. The jobs will literally come to you. 

The digital profile gives you an opportunity to provide as much detail as possible about your work history, education, and anything else employers may want to know over the course of a job application. You can also make these profiles public and searchable so employers can reach out to you directly about opportunities.  Check out our CEO’s profile for inspiration. 

The more information you put in, the more closely aligned the jobs will be with your interests.  

This example profile of our CEO showcases essential info with a personal touch. (Pro Tip: A puppy never hurts.)

This helps narrow your search and save you time filling out applications for roles that wouldn’t be a match.

2. Apply and hear back within 24 hours every time. Every job. 

The wait is over. Apply today and you will hear back within 24 hours, every single time. WayUp technology matches the employer’s qualifications to each candidate’s answers and application, and based on the employer’s criteria, will send a response within a day.

3. And just like that…No more ghosting!

Our vision is for the job hunting process to be transparent, informative and easy. With our 24-hour guarantee, we help candidates like you spend their time focusing on what they need to do to prepare for their interviews, rather than worrying about whether or not their application was reviewed.

So, get applying! Check out open roles here.