Why I Love My Job As A…Product Manager

Liam Berry
Why I Love My Job As A…Product Manager

According to Hallmark and our Google calendar, February is the month of love. But it doesn’t have to be romantic love that we’re talking about. Some people are lucky enough to fall in love with their job.

And that’s what we’re bringing you with our Why I Love My Job As A… series. Real professionals tell us what their job is, why they love it, and—most importantly—how people like you can excel in the industry like they have.

Today, we sat down with Billy Guinter, a 2017 Rutgers grad who got his first job after college on WayUp…at WayUp! He’s a Product Manager, one of WayUp’s most charismatic employees, and—of course—he loves his job.

What do you do?

I’m a Product Manager at WayUp which means I get to create and develop new features on our site for our users! I started out at WayUp as a User Support Associate on the Marketing team and found my way on the product team by being curious about technology and how our product comes together. I kept seeing WayUp improve for our users and I wanted to be a part of that change to help candidates find their dream jobs out of college.

What do you love about your job?

I love being able to work with different teams to learn from them and continuously push myself. I get to work on exciting new ideas everyday to improve WayUp for our users! The application process as a recent grad can be extremely daunting and scary but WayUp is always here to help as we try to take the worry out of applying. 

What tips do you have for future Product Managers?

My best tip would be to put yourself in users shoes to understand their perspective. There are tons of reasons to work in product management but the biggest one for me is being able to solve people’s problems and pain-points first hand. Seeing someone’s frustrations disappear is extremely rewarding.

Best piece of advice you received on the job?

The best advice I’ve received is to continue to be curious and to ask questions. Whether it’s learning a new skill or a new tool, it’s important to understand there’s always more to learn!

Want to be like Billy? WayUp is hiring a new Product Manager right now.

To learn more about working at WayUp, check out our company profile and apply to be a Product Manager!