What Types of Skills are Best for an Accounting Major?

When you’re looking at what to study in school, it’s extremely important to look at the larger skill sets you’ll need to not only complete a college major but thrive within that area of study.

If you’re looking at a degree in accounting, there are three main skills you’ll need, and some may not be what you thought.

Analytical and Quantitative Skills

Accounting is a number-heavy major that requires strength in areas like math and statistics. Being able to see and understand patterns in data and then find solutions is rooted in strong quantitative skills, so if these are areas you enjoy and are strong in, an accounting major may be up your alley. Many accounting programs require several years of different math and statistics classes, so be prepared to spend a lot of time learning those subjects.

Problem-Solving Skills

Rarely do accountants deal with numbers in a vacuum, so the most successful accounting majors will be able to apply their math and statistics skills to solving complex problems that affect organizations on a high level.

Problem-solving doesn’t just happen in your math and statistics courses, either. Many accounting programs require students to take classes in economics, business and marketing, so you’ll have to be effective at taking the numbers and using them to your advantage across different academic disciplines.

Communication Skills

There’s often a misconception that accounting majors spend all day crunching numbers, when in reality, they must also be able to communicate their findings to people from all different fields.

To be a successful accounting major, you must be able to communicate your process and findings through oral and written communication as effectively and efficiently as possible. You’ll often be asked to present projects and other findings to your professors and in front of groups of all sizes. The best accounting majors will graduate with the ability to communicate effectively to any audience.

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