2024 Architecture Entry-level Jobs

Architecture is a field that most people consider very impressive, and those who have architecture entry-level jobs, no matter what their exact positions, tend to gain respect and importance in the eyes of others. These professionals are extremely fortunate to have their positions, because, not only are they involved in a rapidly growing field—architectural positions are expected to grow around 24% between now and 2020—but they have the chance to make a very nice salary. In fact, the average salaried architect earns around $72,550 per year, and that’s a salary that can be earned with nothing more than a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field! It will come as even better news that architecture jobs are available at some of the top firms in the world. These include places like Aecom, which ranked number one on Building Designs’ Largest Architectural Firms in the World list. Aecom employs an impressive 1,370 architects throughout the United States and, as you can expect, is full of opportunities for those seeking quality jobs in architecture. Other top employers include IBI Group, Gensler, and Nikken Sekkei, and aspiring architects will be happy to learn that each of these firms made over $400 million last year. Entry-level jobs in architecture tend to be still-exciting, fast paced versions of higher positions in the field. As a beginning architect, you may be called upon to hold and/or participate in planning meetings with clients, to assist other architects with whatever they may need, to come up with early-stage blueprints or drawings, and to handle many other serious responsibilities, all of which will benefit you as you work your way up to the more tenured, senior-level positions.

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