2024 Journalism Entry-level Jobs in Tahoe, CA

So, you went to school and studied journalism or a related field and now you’re ready to put your writing skills to work by applying for entry-level jobs in journalism. Hopefully, you worked on the school paper, literary journal, or other publication while you were in college, because having “clips”—pieces of journalism that showcase your writing ability—is important for landing most jobs in journalism. If you don’t have clips, create some! Submit your writing to magazines, newspapers, and websites. The more quality, published work you can show to a potential employer, the better! As you might expect, there are many different jobs within the industry, jobs that you can get by showing off those writing skills effectively! One popular journalism entry-level job, for example, is book editing. While this might sound glamorous, know that at the lower level, your main responsibilities would likely be proofreading manuscripts for grammatical and spelling errors and, if you’re lucky, choosing which manuscripts actually deserve a look from a higher-up editor. However, book editors gain great publishing experience, and many become senior editors and/or go on to work for major publishing houses, such as Pearson, Reed Elsevier, or Thomas Reuters—currently the top three publishers on Publisher Weekly’s 2012 list of largest book publishers. That’s just one example of a common beginning journalism job. You could also become a broadcast journalist and enjoy an exciting career reporting and researching out in the field. Or, if you want to do something very modern and in-demand right now, become an online content writer for a large website or for several different sites. There are many possibilities for today’s journalism graduates and, what’s even better, is that the internet is creating more and more positions.

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