2024 Museum Entry-level Jobs

If you loved museums as a child (or now!), you have the opportunity to take that love to the next level through entry-level jobs in museums. You could, for example, join the 10,370 curators already employed in the United States and become responsible for finding interesting artifacts or pieces for a museum. As a curator, you might also be called upon to research, to teach others, and to perform public service duties through the museum with which you are employed—all things that should be fun if you’ve worked hard to cultivate a true love of museums and of the cultural and public service opportunities they provide. You can be rewarded for your efforts too, since the average professional with this job in museums earns a salary of approximately $88,200 per year! If you don’t find that particular museum entry-level job enthralling, you could consider becoming a museum technician or conservator. With these museum jobs, you won’t have a direct say as to what goes into the museum at which you are employed, but you will be able to restore artifacts, art, or other museum pieces or to help keep them looking their best. You might even get to be in charge of exhibits and/or displays, and you can earn a nice $69,500 per year (on average) doing it. Also, keep in mind that while most museum professionals work in local, state, or national museums, there are other opportunities as well. You could work at a college or university museum, at a government museum, or at a museum for a particular civic or social organization. Start your search below!

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