2024 Nursing Entry-level Jobs

If you enjoy taking care of others in times of need and have an interest in medicine, then you are likely a good candidate for entry-level jobs in nursing. With nothing more than a simple associate’s degree, you qualify to become a registered nurse, which is one of the most coveted positions within the nursing field. Registered nurses, who are responsible for caring for patients directly and/or for educating others about healthcare, make an average salary of $64,690 per year. What’s more is that they are very in demand—with an estimated 2,737,400 registered nurses employed in the United States in 2010 and an expected 26% growth in the need for qualified candidates. Plus, registered nurses can work with a wide variety of employers—hospitals, private healthcare practices, schools, and more. Obviously, if you want a secure career with solid earning potential, registered nursing jobs are a wonderful option. Of course, there are other jobs in nursing to consider as well. Perhaps, for example, you’d like to become a licensed practical or a licensed vocational nurse. These nursing entry-level jobs tend to require a lot less schooling than jobs for registered nurses, and they still pay fairly well. Licensed practical or vocational nurses earn around $40,380 per year on average and, as is the case with registered nurses, are always in high demand. Between now and the year 2020, the need for these nurses is expected to grow by 22%. In this job, you’ll be under the guidance and supervision of doctors and registered nurses, but you’ll still be able to perform many basic nursing responsibilities. Nursing titles and responsibilities will vary from one state to the next, so if you’re serious about going into nursing, now is the time to start researching different options as they relate to your state and to find the perfect job for you and your unique skill-set.

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