2024 Remote Recreation Entry-level Jobs

Having a job that revolves largely around fun and games might seem to be too good to be true, but it’s more than possible if you choose entry-level jobs in recreation. Maybe, for example, you’d like to join the 19,180 recreational therapists currently working in the United States. People with this job in recreation work to develop, plan, and/or oversee fun but also constructive activities for those in nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, specialty summer camps, and more. Instead of working with large groups, some recreational therapists work one-on-one with specific clients or patients to help them accomplish certain goals in a fun way. No matter where they work, however, modern recreational therapists enjoy an average salary of around $44,280 per year. There are other recreation entry-level jobs available too. If you want to plan fun activities without worrying about the “therapeutic” part, you could become a recreation worker for a summer camp, a school, a daycare facility, or for a wide variety of other private and public organizations. 309,370 people are lucky enough to have these fun recreation jobs and to earn around $25,430 per year doing them. The vast majority of recreational workers are employed by government organizations, though you’ll also find large numbers working in nursing homes, civic organizations, in individual and/or family service organizations, and in various amusement industries. Speaking of amusement, you could land a fun job at a local theme park! If you enjoy being outdoors, assisting others, and working to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun day at the park, you could become a recreation attendant and earn around $20,020 per year for your time. Many people take on these seasonal roles just as a nice change of pace. Of course, a change of pace isn’t really necessary for most workers in this industry, since jobs in the recreation field always prove interesting and exciting.

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