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Everyone remembers the excitement of landing their first job, but unfortunately for most, the journey to finding it was not an easy one.

Since day one, we've set out to change that. We feel strongly that opportunity belongs to all, and that an individual should never be limited by their economic status, race, sexual orientation, gender, who you know, where you went to school, or where you're from.

Liz & JJ We've built a platform that empowers early career candidates to discover and be discovered by employers. In doing so, we have helped students cover the cost of college tuition, recent grads get their start in industries they never thought they could break into, and many others discover opportunities they couldn't have known about before. Our team is inspired by the connections we've made and the companies we've enabled to define their present and expand their futures.

We're working our dream job—a job that empowers others to pursue their dreams.

All the best,
Liz and JJ

Eric L Hu

New York University '18

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Jennifer Newbill

Director, Global Employment Brand - Dell

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Sarah Fly

Fashion Institute of Technology '18

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Erik Hildebrandt

Head of Talent Acquisition - Philips

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