These Are the 6 Best Interns in the Country

Irene Huhulea
These Are the 6 Best Interns in the Country

If you’ve been following our blog for the past month, you know how excited we were about celebrating National Intern Day, the first day designed to highlight the achievements of amazing interns all over the country!

In addition to spotlighting hundreds of Intern Day festivities at both large and small organizations, we’ve also been running a contest to find the country’s best interns. After sorting through thousands of nominations, we’re happy to announce this year’s six winners.

Taylor Lewand

Taylor Lewand, Best Marketing & Communications Intern

As an intern in the marketing department of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Taylor works on various aspects of digital media including coordinating print and digital ads. As part of her role, Taylor also attends job fairs on behalf of the Gazette, getting a chance to meet and network with people who are interested in working for the company. According to Taylor, her favorite part of the job is connect with people and creating lasting relationships with them, something she’s excited to continue doing as she moves into her next role and through her career.

Gabrielle Macagnone

Gabrielle Macagnone, Best Operations & Finance Intern

As an operations intern at Chanel, one of the biggest fashion brands in the world, Gabrielle works on various aspects of the business including assisting the management team with coordinating the flow of products to each of the company’s boutiques. “Gaining knowledge as an intern is so important for the career path I’m going to take,” says Gabrielle, explaining that she plans to look for a role in strategic planning or finance after graduation, and is eager to apply everything she’s learned during her internship.

Noah Roberson

Noah Roberson, Best Product & Engineering Intern

Training to be an engineer can be an intense process but as Noah discovered during his internship this summer, it can also be an incredibly rewarding one. As an engineering intern at Delphi, one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world, Noah is responsible for ensuring that products meet government regulations before going to market. He credits his internship with helping him learn valuable skills like problem solving and communication, and feels confident that his experience as an intern has prepared him to take on any job moving forward.

Nicole Best

Nicole Best, Best Sales & Business Development Intern

As a sales intern at CDW, Nicole has gained significant hands-on experience in both IT and sales. Assisting the team in Northern California, she is responsible for a variety of sales support tasks including making phone calls to find new leads. “Internships are super important,” Nicole says, explaining how happy she is with her decision to intern at CDW and emphasizing the great skills she’s learned along the way. She plans to continue working in sales after graduation and hopes to be part of a team at a Fortune 100 company.

Nicola Paul

Nicola Paul, Best ‘Learn-it-All’ Intern

Doing a little bit of everything is one of the best ways to learn a new job, and as an HR intern at the Maryland State Department of General Services, Nicola has had the chance to do exactly that. From coordinating sessions on interview etiquette to establishing long-term connections with others at the organization, Nicola credits her internship with offering her an amazing overall experience and the skills she needs for lasting success. “I have met so many great people who have not only mentored me, but have helped me as well,” she says, explaining that this mentorship has been invaluable in guiding her as she prepares for her career.

Janet Van

Janet Van, Best Design & Creative Intern

As a software developer intern at IBM, Janet has learned all about the company’s critical applications and has worked on automating the preparation process used to maintain them. “IBM has offered me more than any course could teach me,” she says. “This is why I believe internships are extremely important, because it’s vital to explore different work cultures and what kind of job roles are currently out there.” For Janet, her internship has provided her with valuable training  that has allowed her to flourish both personally and professionally. She plans to hold on to that training as she takes the next step in her career and credits IBM with giving her the tools she needs to follow her dreams.

Internships are an incredibly important part of jump-starting careers and, as these rockstar interns have discovered, they’re also a great way to build lasting relationships that can help you throughout your life. Ready to find an internship that can turn you into an all-star? Check out our full list of opportunities to find the one that’s right for you.

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