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Types of Internships for Arts Majors

As an arts major, you may be wondering how your passion for art factors into the real world. The good news is that because of the many and varied skills you develop during your major, there are a lot of career opportunities available to you after graduation. Not sure what you want to do? An internship is the best way to explore all of your options and gain some professional experience.

Here are just a few of the best internships for arts majors:

Art gallery intern

As an art gallery intern, your responsibilities vary from clerical, communications-related tasks to those that are more organizational. This internship will familiarize you with the setting and running of an art gallery — from maintaining the gallery space to communicating with national and local artists. You may assist with gallery exhibitions in every capacity from installing artwork to adjusting the lightwork and eventually dismantling, repackaging and shipping the exhibits to another gallery. You will also get to build your professional exposure to the art world with duties such as researching and compiling information about artists, looking into art sale techniques and engaging guests during shows.

Art therapy intern

Whether you have previous clinical experience or not, as an art therapy intern you’ll be shadowing certified art therapists in group sessions. You may assist in the logistics of the session and gain experience as a part of a team of professionals. By working as an art therapy intern, you’ll also be exposed to the use of creative and expressive arts in settings such as a hospital, community and youth care or rehabilitation facility. This is a great opportunity to use your skills to help others and to learn the real impact of art in a clinical setting.

Graphic design intern

A graphic design internship is great exposure to the field of graphic, and a step up the ladder towards a full-time job after graduation. You could get accepted for a graphic design internship at an ad agency, a corporate firm or an art studio. During your internship, you will be assisting a graphic designer in designing prototypes, logos, social media graphics, flyers or whatever the organization requires.

Photography intern

Whether you’re capturing a candid of the bride in an extravagant wedding or researching stock photos to accompany a magazine article, a photography internship involves a great deal of hands-on experience, collaboration and insight. You could be employed at an in-house studio, a magazine or a newspaper. There’s a lot you can learn on the job, from the extent of communication required with related departments such as costume & make-up to what it takes to organize and categorize photo submissions or assist in print production.

Marketing intern

Your creative insight and discipline as an artist will come in handy in a marketing internship. Whether you are interning for a marketing organization or a marketing division of a huge corporate company, a marketing internship gives you more than a general idea about the marketing industry. From writing copy to working on concept creation or even to a stint in a public relations department, you’ll be able to experience several facets of the marketing industry and apply your creative skill to each one.

From knowing the story behind every nook in an art gallery to researching a rare sculpture, or creating a great design, an internship is a wonderful and safe space for art majors to explore, learn and re-invent themselves.

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