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Using Social Media to Network Online

Did you know social media is an easy and effective way to network with peers and hiring managers? But where should you focus your time online while networking and what’s the process for using online platforms to network? At WayUp’s Internship Hangout on Google+, hiring managers from Nestle Purina and Google share the benefits of networking through social media and how to go about using the online mediums for networking.

Social Media Networking Online Video Transcription

Brook Lashley, Sourcing Strategies Manager, Nestle Purina:

So, many of these logos are going to be very familiar to you. These networks are your opportunity for constant connections. So it’s not necessarily that you meet someone at an event, and you take a business card anymore. You are connected with these people electronically, through technology, and you can keep in touch with them over a time which is extremely beneficial for you.

Companies are becoming more and more active in the social realm. Leverage your social sites for your career networking. It’s huge. Try to engage in these networks as frequently as possible. 88.9% of companies that are using social media. And of that group, over 55% of those use Facebook. So keep in mind, companies are leveraging Facebook for their actual college recruitment and entry-level recruitment.

So it’s very important that you guys think through how you might be able to leverage Facebook, specifically. Twitter is growing leaps and bounds and you’ll see the data off to the right here. 11 Twitter accounts are created every second, so that is a huge, huge, huge size increase. And really about 13% of Twitter users are volunteer demographics, specifically.

LinkedIn is the number one professional social network. It has over a hundred and 35 million users on it, and over two million companies have pages, or profile pages, on LinkedIn.

Jeff Moore, Lead Engineering Recruiter, Google:

I tell a ton of students, “Have you got a LinkedIn account yet?” And they look at me like I’m crazy. And it’s like, you’re meeting people as a freshman, as a senior in high school, what have you, you’re meeting people all the time that you don’t know where they’re gonna be in a year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years.

Maybe you’ll remember that dude sat next to in an English class and now he’s a CEO of some cool company and he’s looking for a person just like you.

Brook Lashley, Sourcing Strategies Manager, Nestle Purina:

This I cannot stress enough is an excellent resource for students. So, companies like Nestle Purina buy into contracts with LinkedIn where we can run searches around specific skill sets or areas of focus, like your major. And when we have internships and entry-level opportunities of it available, we’ll go out to that database, and we’ll do searches, and we’ll contact students like you letting you guys know that we have these opportunities.

Dana Suhre, Senior Recruitment Specialist, Nestle Purina:

So we recommend joining industry-specific LinkedIn groups. This will allow you to learn and interact with those functional specific individuals. And it’ll really help you be able to follow those discussions on trends that may be happening within the industry and express more specifically open positions that may be happening within your target employers.

There’s a really good chance that within employers that there are alums from your school, from your alma mater, or your current school that you can reach out to, and that’s a great way to get connected connected with the most relevant people within the organization.

Jeff Moore, Lead Engineering Recruiter, Google:

The way the world works now, with you know, social networking and all these sites like this, you’ve got to grab that stuff by the horns. I mean I look back when I was in school. We barely had the internet. And that’s a much different deal than students today. And so taking that opportunity to start building your network from day one is just the biggest thing I could tell you to do.

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