2024 Remote Sales Entry-level Jobs

Fast-talkers and persuasive personalities can achieve great success with entry-level jobs in sales. If you are a good communicator and aren’t afraid to approach people, then you can have an exciting and wildly lucrative career in the industry. Some of the highest paid professionals in the field, for example, are sales engineers. These professionals, who bring in a solid $87,390 per year on average, are responsible for selling goods to corporations, research laboratories, and various other organizations. The products they peddle, however, tend to be very complex in nature—think high-tech software programs or scientific research kits. As such, these jobs in sales are left to those who either know the industry in which they are selling well or who are fast learners and can quickly gain an understanding of the items they’re selling and the specifics of what those items are designed to do. If you’d rather have a sales entry-level job that’s not so involved but will teach you great interpersonal skills, there are sales representative/associate roles widely available across a variety of industries. These roles typically train recent grads to prospect new clients, qualify leads, and set up appointments for account executives--the individuals who close the deals. With enough experience in these roles, you will develop into an effective closer and have the potential to directly impact your company’s success as a whole. Large companies such as Google and Salesforce have highly structured training programs that set the foundation for a successful sales career. Take a look at the opportunities below and start your search today!

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