2021 Winter Entry-level Jobs in Knoxville, TN

Looking for Knoxville entry-level jobs? Tennessee’s first capitol and third-largest city has a rapidly growing downtown area and an extremely enthusiastic college environment, making it an easy choice when trying to narrow down where you’d like to spend your time as a new employee around the Great Smoky Mountains. The fans, faculty, and student body of Knoxville’s University of Tennessee, along with a local culture deeply rooted in rich southern tradition, help create a perpetually lively and intellectually simulating landscape bustling with enough art, music, and culinary festivals to keep you thoroughly entertained every weekend, without question. Finance publisher Kiplinger rated Knoxville #5 in its Best Value Cities of 2011, and in 2008, Forbes listed Knoxville on its Top 5 for Business & Careers, coming in on the heels of cities like New York and Los Angeles. Knoxville entry-level jobs will have you living and working in one of the largest cities of the Appalachian region where dozens of publically and privately traded businesses flourish and contribute to the city’s diverse economic makeup. Some big-name publically traded companies based in Knoxville are Regal Entertainment Group and the sprawling truck-stop chain Pilot Flying J. For Knoxville entry-level jobs in energy, the nation’s largest public power provider, the Tennessee Valley Authority, also calls Knoxville its home. Come bask in the glory and splendor of the Great Smoky Mountains while you gain invaluable experience in the field of your choice. Knoxville entry-level jobs make both things possible.

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