2021 Internships in Virginia

The birthplace of Robert E. Lee, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and six other presidents can’t be wrong—score an internship in Virginia and connect with both the colonial past and the political future of America. From the Shenandoah Valley bordered by the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west, to Virginia Beach at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, Virginia offers stunning landscapes and regional diversity as well as incredible internship opportunities. Northern Virginia extends the influence of Washington, D.C. and mimics the culture of the nation’s capital. The prominence of federal agencies like the Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Science Foundation means that interns have the chance to contribute to security missions and solve national issues. Political internships in Virginia also come on a smaller scale—namely in the capital of the Commonwealth in historic Richmond. Virginia internships aren’t just about government, law, and finance, however. Tourism plays a large factor as well, with hot spots in the Tidewater area and Colonial Williamsburg attracting visitors from all over the country. With Fortune 500 companies headquartered in metropolitan areas and top schools like the University of Virginia, organizations of every sector seek and take advantage of intern talent.

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