2024 Travel Internships

It’s pretty easy to see why travel internships are so highly sought after—you are paid to visit new cities, meet new people, and take on the bucket-list your friends wish they could tackle. Your internship in the travel industry could range from serving as a photo-journalist for National Geographic to a business operations analyst for Southwest Airlines; either of which would give you an experience of a lifetime (FYI: Southwest interns fly free). However, it is important to identify what you want to do as a “travel intern.” Unfortunately, you probably won’t find a position that simply pays you to visit exotic corners of Australia without a concrete task. Identify your goals you hope to achieve—whether it is brushing up your social media skills blogging for a travel website, or learning about information technology as it pertains to online travel agencies. Travel internships vary a fair amount, and the options are practically unlimited. So maybe you weren’t able to go study abroad or you were dragged back onto campus after a limited experience in Europe. In any case, internships in the travel industry are unparalleled opportunities, and give you the chance to break out your inner-Anthony Bourdain in you, one way or another.

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