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November 19, 2019
An Employer Branding Expert Uncovers 2 Secrets
Alex Csedrik

Building a strong employer brand can take some time. Unless you know some hacks, like Alex Her, the Global Employment Experience and Recruitment Lead at Informatica, did. He was able to rapidly grow Informatica’s employer brand because of his expertise—and without exhausting his team’s resources.

Here are two of his secrets that’ll help you quickly—and cost-effectively—improve your branding.

1. Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors Overnight

Employer branding helps potential applicants see what life is like at your company, but how do you launch an authentic campaign? Her suggests that you switch from stock photography to photos of your actual employees.

“Today’s jobseeker connects with pictures of actual employees, and what their day-to-day at your company looks like,” Her says. “Stock photography can’t achieve that.”

Before you begin your new campaign, it’s wise to do an audit of what your team currently has and compare it to what you hope to achieve. “Having our internal audit gave our team a lot of quick employer branding wins,” Her says. “We realized how many employee pictures and video testimonials we already had to start building Informatica’s brand right away.”

Once that happened, Her further empowered employees to become stronger brand ambassadors. He created an employer outreach program meant to improve office morale while also building up their employer branding content. Participants were invited to publish photos, highlight their daily responsibilities and latest accomplishments, and share other information.  Staff members who did so were rewarded with points they could exchange for Amazon gift cards and other prizes.

The benefits? Apart from having built a strong employer brand with engaging content, Informatica’s employer outreach program accounts for half of all site traffic to their Career page. Their employee advocacy social media campaigns experienced a similar boost, with the average post reaching a combined 10,000 impressions—up from 3,000 impressions—across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And their employee outreach program’s participants more than quadrupled—from 60 to 258.

2. You Have More At Your Disposal Than You Think

There are some employer branding resources you can use that you may not even know about. Her says a few, in particular, are very helpful.

“The first thing anyone involved in employer branding should do is join the Talent Brand Alliance,” Her says. The Talent Brand Alliance is a community built for employer branding and recruitment marketing practitioners. (It’s free to join.) “This is a great way to build your network and learn best practices.”

Your company also can create partnerships with diverse groups to build your employer brand and improve your talent pipeline. The key is to strategically partner with organizations that can help expose your business to people who might not be as familiar with your firm and employer brand.

With these two employer branding secrets, you can build your organization’s brand in a cost-effective manner in no time at all. 

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