Hire Diverse Early-Career Talent With WayUp

We offer virtual D&I tools to help you meet your early-career diversity hiring goals—you can mix and match to create a custom plan that meets your needs.

All employers start with the Basic Platform Access, which gives you access to 6M+ diverse candidates.

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Company Profile

The one-stop-shop for candidates to learn everything they need to know about your company. Share perks, content, office locations, videos, employee testimonials, and more!

Customer Success Manager

Your Customer Success Manager is your partner in everything you do -- they’re here to provide you with best practices, share insights about your data and how it compares to competitors, and more.

Talent Network

Manage your most engaged candidates. This includes anyone who follows your company profile, shows high intent to apply for your job(s), applies for your job(s), or reads content about you on WayUp.

Automated Concierge Sourcing

WayUp’s automated concierge sourcing uses machine learning, AI, and automation to automatically source candidates for you, without you needing to do any work.

Unlimited Jobs With Candidates Fed Into Your ATS

Whether you’re on Taleo, Workday, Brassring, SuccessFactors, Greenhouse, Lever, iCIMS, Bullhorn, SmartRecruiters, or another ATS, we can pull your jobs directly from your ATS and send candidates directly back in. No engineering work needed on your end!

Standard Analytics Dashboard

Get actionable insights with out-of-the-box dashboards to track demographics (gender and ethnicity) on applicants, see how candidates move through your funnel, brand engagements, and more.

Digital Screening To Screen Out Unqualified Applications

Want to focus your time on quality, and not quantity? WayUp’s system will instantly review applicants and check for qualifications such as location, certifications, degree type, area of study, etc., to ensure only qualified applicants move forward to your ATS.

Add on any of our à la carte products to mix & match and build the perfect package for your needs.

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Virtual Events

Host unique Virtual Events and get in front of qualified and diverse talent. Our platform will drive the right attendees, manage event setup, send prep materials, and even follow up emails—meaning all you have to do is show up and meet with top candidates.

Branded Content

Our in-house content team can create custom articles or videos about your positions, your D&I programs, or your company to help attract talent to your company.

Sourcing Tool for D&I and Targeted Sourcing

This EEOC and OFCCP compliant tool enables you to source and message candidates using all types of filters, from race / ethnicity to gender, campus, years of experience, grad year, hometown location, and more. You can even bulk message thousands of candidates in just one minute!

Advanced Analytics

WayUp’s D&I Analytics are unlike any other. Gain insights into how diverse candidates make their way through your hiring process, uncover bias in your job descriptions, find out which knock out questions you’re using that are rejecting diverse candidates at higher rates than others, and much more.

CRM for Early Career Positions

Want a CRM to sit on top of your ATS? WayUp’s CRM is used by many companies to house all of their candidates, which mean you get the great analytics and screening for not just WayUp applicants, but for all of your applicants!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy products à la carte?

Once you have WayUp Basic Platform Access, you can choose from any of the products in Employer Branding or Custom Analytics & Workflows to ensure you meet your hiring goals. Get a free consultation—book a time now with a member of our employer partnerships team. Contact us

What are the demographics of your 6 million candidates?

We have 6 million early-career candidates on our platform who range from 0-5 years of professional experience. Our users represent more than 7,100+ US colleges and universities; 71% are Black, Hispanic, or Female. See the full breakdown of our candidate pool here.

Can I legally source candidates based on gender and ethnicity with WayUp?

Yes, you can source candidates by gender and ethnicity 100% legally on WayUp! Candidates on WayUp create their own profiles and enter information about themselves. In fact, 89% of our candidates self-identify both gender and ethnicity. WayUp is also OFCCP & EEO-compliant—learn more here.

Where do your candidates come from?

WayUp acquires candidates in several ways—the largest source being word-of-mouth. Candidates create their own profiles and include information like gender, ethnicity, veteran status, professional experiences, education, location, and more! All candidate data is self-reported and can be used for targeted sourcing.

Can I integrate WayUp into my ATS?

Yes! All candidate data will flow into your ATS (including custom-built ATS systems) using a variety of methods from API integration to data upload and everything in between.
Learn more about how we can integrate with your systems without any engineering work from your team.

Do you support XML feeds for job listings?

Yes! We accept jobs via an XML feed. Our job operations team will also help you manage your listings, so you don’t have to spend time posting or editing your jobs.

How long does it take to onboard?

Onboarding with WayUp takes about 10 business days. Throughout the onboarding period, we’ll review and confirm job descriptions, digital screening questions, build your employer branding materials, and provide a handoff process that works for your team. Once completed, we’ll post your jobs, and you’ll be on your way to meeting qualified, diverse applicants in days!

Do I pay per hire or posted job?

No. We do not charge you by job posting, sourcing messages, or per hire. Pricing for WayUp’s Basic Platform Access is standard, and anything you’d like to add thereafter is priced per item.

Learn what plan and à la carte products would work best for your hiring goals by talking to a member of our employer partnerships team today. Contact us

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