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We offer flexible solutions to meet your hiring needs–from expanding your reach to driving top talent through your funnel faster. We’ve got you covered.
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Hire top talent faster with employer branding, sourcing, and digital screening.
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Streamline your hiring process with sourcing, digital screening, and phone screening.
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Enhance your referral and interview processes with custom workflows and analytics.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer solutions à la carte?
Yes! We offer an array of solutions to support your hiring needs outside of the listed packages. To learn more, contact us.
What're the demographics of your candidates?
We have more than 5 million early-career candidates on our platform ranging from 0-5 years of professional experience. Our users represent more than 7,000 US colleges and universities; 64% are STEM and/or Business majors, 59% of our users are female, and more than 36% are Black and Hispanic.
Do you support XML feeds for job listings?
Yes! We accept jobs via an XML feed, and our job operations team will help you manage your listings, so you don’t have to spend any extra time posting or editing your jobs.
Where do your candidates come from?
WayUp acquires candidates in two ways–organically and through paid marketing campaigns. Candidates create their own profiles, which include professional experiences, education, location, gender, ethnicity, and more! All candidate data is self-reported.
How long does it take to onboard?
Onboarding with WayUp takes about 10 business days. Throughout the onboarding period, we’ll review and confirm job descriptions, digital screening questions, phone screening questions (if applicable), build your employer branding materials, and provide a handoff process that works for your team. Once completed, we’ll post your jobs, and you’ll be on your way to meeting qualified applicants.
Can I integrate WayUp into my ATS?
Yes! We work with every ATS (including custom-built ATS systems) using a variety of methods from API integration to data upload and everything in between. We will work with you to find a data transfer method that adds no extra cost or time for your team, and meets with your internal security requirements.
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