WayUp Can Integrate With Any ATS—Here’s How
May 12, 2020

WayUp Can Integrate With Any ATS—Here’s How

Brian Mayer

We often get asked by prospective clients if we integrate with applicant tracking systems (ATSs) like Workday, Taleo, Lever, iCIMS, and many more...

The answer: Yes. And we do it without requiring engineering work on the part of our clients.

How do we do it?

There are two methods we can employ to make sure candidate data gets from WayUp into our clients’ ATSs in a way that allows us to maintain our world-class analytics reporting, and also gives us a chance to digitally screen every candidate before they get loaded into the ATS.

1. Programmatic Integration

For some ATSs, we have a programmatic “pipe” that lets us put data automatically into the ATS system. Clients provide us with permission to drop data into their ATS via this pipe, with no programming knowledge required (with our software, it’s as simple as flipping a switch).

2. Source Code Tracking

Finally, this is the third method we use with clients who don’t support programmatic integration or can’t get permission to give us a recruiter seat in their ATS. In this method, we send candidates who have already qualified with our digital screen a link to the job on the ATS, for them to complete their application. After submitting their applications, the WayUp source code is automatically applied so it’s easy to identify these candidates and track analytics against them.

The drawback of this method is that it creates some additional work for candidates. But this doesn’t necessarily translate into lower candidate volume, and never translates into lower candidate quality.

No matter which integration method we use, all our clients get:

  • Only qualified candidates who pass requirements (you provide) for each role
  • Full-funnel reporting with disposition tracking for all candidates
  • For our Pro/Premium clients with phone screening services, interview notes and recordings
  • OFCCP / EEOC-compliant data and analytics, including diversity data

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