Employer Success Stories

The world's top employers, from startups to Fortune 500s, trust WayUp to help them achieve D&I hiring goals and provide a world-class candidate experience.

Case Studies


Insight Partners’ search for an early-career recruiting partner that would help surface more diverse applicants led them to WayUp.


Learn how SurveyMonkey attracted more diverse STEM candidates, 56% being Black, Hispanic, Mixed or Female Computer Science majors.

Food and Beverages

Learn how Ingredion’s pivot to virtual increased diversity numbers and allowed the team to hit 50/50 gender parity for engineering intern candidates using real-time insights.


How Colgate-Palmolive increased diversity hiring by gaining actionable insights into their hiring funnel with WayUp's Advanced Analytics.

Financial Services

Learn how Dow Jones increased diversity, brought their employer brand online, and hired 100 interns—all with a 1-person UR team.

Financial Services

How Nasdaq transformed their hiring process, cut their time-to-hire by 50%, and saved 100 hours of work per week.


How Johnson & Johnson shifted to a virtual campus strategy and created generational-relevant content that directly speaks directly to students.


How Apex transformed their candidate experience to be personalized and get back to every applicant within 24 hours.

Health & Wellness

Learn how Accolade increased their talent network of qualified candidates by 10X—while saving time.


How NECC shifted to a virtual recruiting process, gained insights into their hiring funnel, and increased qualified, diverse candidates.


Learn how Kinnek hired top talent 3X faster and set a new standard for candidate quality.

Stephanie Castro, Associate University Programs Manager

at SurveyMonkey

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