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February 28, 2019
Avoid Early-Career Recruitment ‘FOMO’ With These 4 Tips
Alex Csedrik

College students aren’t the only ones with a bad case of “FOMO,” or fear of missing out. Hiring managers are always fearful of missing out on top talent in early-career recruitment. It has prompted many companies to incorporate processes that are thought to provide the best talent pipeline, only to discover that they are missing out on qualified candidates.

So, how do companies cure their FOMO? It’s simple: You just need to provide a personalized candidate experience. And you can start by following these four simple tips.

1. Focus Only On Targeted Events

Companies think that if they don’t attend every college event and job fair, they won’t be able to get qualified candidates. Fortunately for them (and their P&L) this isn’t the case. Only 53 percent of Gen Z attend career fairsas part of their job search.

Many businesses have an ‘If it’s not broke, then don’t fix it’ view when it comes to on-campus recruitment. But the failure to embrace technology as a means of driving diverse, qualified candidates through your funnel—all at a much lower cost—is becoming increasingly burdensome. From newspapers to travel agents, technology has completely upended countless industries that were slow to embrace it. To drive revenue and propel your company into the future, you need to think outside of the box; and creating a digital strategy for early-career recruitment directly helps realize those goals.

But that doesn’t mean you need to completely abandon all campus events. Companies should instead be more targeted with their approach to career fairs. They can focus on certain events that allow them to hit hiring initiatives around areas like diversity and STEM. Just make sure to emphasize digital outreach to streamline costs, expand your candidate pool, and increase diversity.

2. Spend Time Exclusively With Qualified Candidates (It’s Possible!)

One of the major issues recruiters deal with is resume overload. Since they’re inundated with applicants, choosing whom they want to move forward with in the interview process is laborious and onerous. This delay can be the difference between landing a qualified candidate and having one bite the dust by “ghosting” your company.

Thankfully, your company can take action. Job sourcing sites allow you to utilize resume filters that ensure candidates meet certain requirements. So if your company only wants candidates who majored in computer science, then sites like WayUp will prevent unqualified candidates from applying to your open roles.

That lets your recruiting team focus all its attention on the candidates you think would be a good fit.   

3. Attract Only Interested Candidates

early-career recruitment

While fishermen like to cast a wide net to catch as many fish as possible, this is counterproductive for early-career recruitment. Yes, your company wants to attract many qualified candidates to fill its open positions (and build a talent pool), but it doesn’t want to attract candidates who aren’t interested in joining it.

To prevent this, companies should showcase their culture through decks, social media, and their website. Building an employer brand allows candidates to determine whether or not they want to work for a company before they even apply. If they like what they see, they’ll have “FOMO” from not working at your company.

4. In-Person Interviews Should Be For Qualified Candidates Only

An inefficient hiring process can cause top talent to drop out of the hiring funnel. So, how does your company fix this? Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!

Instead of having multiple rounds of in-person interviews, consider only having one or two. Also, when you do have candidates on-site, have them interviewed by only the people who are essential to the process. This prevents the company from losing out on productivity and revenue. And it’s less likely to lose out on qualified candidates.

So there you have it. Just follow these four tips and early-career recruitment “FOMO” will be a thing of the past.

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