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April 16, 2019
Companies Can’t Spell ‘Success’ Without ‘CE’: How To Measure If Your Candidate Experience Is Positive
Alex Csedrik

A good spelling lesson for companies is to remember that “CE” is needed to spell “success.” Because candidate experience is now such a vital part of a company’s health, companies are investing a lot of resources to make sure it’s positive.   

But what good is dedicating resources to your CE if you can’t see the progress? Thankfully, you can measure candidate experience by using these methods.

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This may seem like a “well, duh” aspect of the candidate experience. Unfortunately, it’s no longer a given that scheduling an interview with a candidate means that it takes place. So, if you weren’t ‘ghosted’ by your candidate, that’s a good first sign that your company provides a positive candidate experience.

Interview Surveys

Interview surveys are a great way to measure your company’s candidate experience. You can do this by asking all of your candidates to fill out a survey at each step of the hiring process. Request that candidates share their experiences, but don’t just limit the survey to one or two questions. SHRM suggests asking four or five questions, including an open-ended one. This encourages candidates to offer insights on aspects you may not have thought of.

And to truly show that your company takes feedback seriously, you can even encourage candidates to leave feedback on your company’s Glassdoor Feedback page. This assures candidates that their opinion matters (and is anonymous). Also, it reminds your interviewers about the importance of a positive candidate experience.  

Acceptance Rate

While other factors affect acceptance rate (such as employee benefits), your company’s acceptance rate helps measure candidate experience. A high acceptance rate means your company has a positive candidate experience. A low one reveals your company needs to reevaluate the hiring process.

Companies that are devoted to the ABCs of candidate experience will see the results in how they measure a positive one. Once you do that, you’re well on your way to spelling “success.”

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