Here Are The Top 100 Internship Programs In The U.S.—And #1 Goes To…
August 8, 2019

Here Are The Top 100 Internship Programs In The U.S.—And #1 Goes To…

Alex Csedrik

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here: Today’s the day we officially announce the WayUp Top 100 Internship Programs list!

How do we select these winners? Well, every year, in conjunction with National Intern Day, WayUp oversees a competition to determine which employers boast the top internship programs in the U.S. To earn a spot on the list, employers must nominate their programs in the lead-up to National Intern Day. Earning a place on the list is decided by the number of votes a program receives (30 percent of the judging criteria) and a panel of industry experts who evaluate each program on a granular basis (70 percent of the judging criteria).

So, without further ado, we’re excited to announce that this year’s Top Internship Program is…SAP!

What made their internship program so special? SAP’s more than 1,000 interns represent six countries and 18 cities worldwide. And even though it’s a global program, they excel at creating an environment where their interns around the world feel connected and part of one shared experience. But wait, there’s more! SAP also has one of the highest offer-acceptance rates of any employer. SAP offers incredibly competitive pay and benefits—some interns even get a 401k—so it’s no wonder why interns love the program!

But SAP is just one of the many amazing employers who made this year’s list. Check out the honorees and the complete Top 100 Internship Programs list here.

Happy National Intern Day!

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