How 3 Top Employers Are Recruiting Early-Career Candidates
June 18, 2019

How 3 Top Employers Are Recruiting Early-Career Candidates

Alex Csedrik

What do Nasdaq, GoDaddy, and Thermo Fisher have in common? They’ve used smart strategies to create successful—and efficient—early-career recruitment programs. Though they all had areas they wanted to improve, they committed to making changes. Now they are seeing the benefits.

What did this look like in practice? Here’s an overview of how each organization accomplished that objective.  


Nasdaq wasn’t universally known as a fintech company, which affected their ability to recruit top early-career STEM positions. They launched a digital campaign that reshaped the narrative and reframed how early-career candidates viewed them.

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The employer branding campaign featured a number of articles, a 360-degree video office tour, and a video with Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman, focusing on how she started as an intern and worked her way to the top position at the company.

The campaign was successful. Nasdaq repositioned itself as a tech company and got more qualified candidates for their STEM positions. How was Nasdaq able to accomplish that? They partnered with WayUp, which screened all qualified applicants and provided feedback and personalized career coaching, regardless of the outcome. This partnership saved Nasdaq’s recruiting team 100 hours per week and cut Nasdaq’s time-to-hire by 50 percent.

recruiting early-career candidates


GoDaddy wanted to craft a positive employer brand and drive more early-career employee referrals, so they set out to provide a singular experience for their interns. Unlike other companies that attempt to “out-perk” competitors, GoDaddy focused on human interaction to promote the GoDaddy culture throughout their intern program.

GoDaddy paired full-time employees as mentors with engineering interns. And all of GoDaddy’s events emphasize relationship building, where interns can better get to know their colleagues.

GoDaddy saw this strategy lead to a conversion rate that’s in a class of its own. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the average conversion rate of interns to full-time employees is 56 percent. GoDaddy’s conversion rate? More than 90 percent. What’s more, 100 percent of GoDaddy’s interns said they would recommend the GoDaddy Internship Program to a friend. Their intern program is successfully helping them attract and hire early-career top talent.

Thermo Fisher

Thermo Fisher wanted to increase their brand recognition among college students, especially among non-science majors. To do that, they emphasized employer branding.

To reshape Thermo Fisher’s narrative, they launched a multi-platform employer branding campaign tailored to Gen Z and Millennials. The result: The campaign drove three times the number of qualified resumes and successfully increased the quality-of-hire and size of the company’s 2018 intern class.

That’s particularly important for Thermo Fisher, which has a “Recruit Once, Hire Twice” strategy (they choose interns they hope will convert to full-time employees), because quality interns tend to lead to quality employees.

In early-career recruitment, imitating Nasdaq, GoDaddy, and Thermo Fisher will help you create a more efficient strategy.

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