How Does WayUp’s CRM Work?
May 13, 2021

How Does WayUp’s CRM Work?

Brenna Walsh

Recruitment is marketing.

Whether your Talent Acquisition team want to have a talent network to drive interest and collect resumes all year round, or whether you want to communicate with passive and active candidates in an easy way, or whether you just want to have a grasp on data and analytics for reporting -- WayUp’s CRM (candidate relationship management) system is a great solution for your needs. 

In the world of talent acquisition and campus recruiting, it’s crucial that you can forge relationships with candidates throughout the year, send them branding and news about your company, all the while staying organized and not needing to be on airplanes 24/7.

Many employers utilize WayUp’s early-career CRM to help them stay connected to students and streamline their recruitment process. Read on to learn how you can use WayUp’s CRM functionality to build a pipeline of diverse, early-career candidates. 

Talent Network

Instead of going from 0 to 100 every Fall (or whenever your cyclical recruiting begins), WayUp helps you establish a talent network to use year round—allowing candidates to engage with your brand even when you don’t have open roles. To drive potential candidates to your talent network, add a button on your website to direct candidates to your WayUp early-career hiring hub. On this page (which anyone can access and utilize, not just WayUp users), all of your candidates will be able to see (and apply for, if they’re qualified!) any of your internships and early-career roles, read content about your company, learn fun facts about your culture, follow you for future updates, and more! The average WayUp talent network has more than 10K candidates, requires no engineering support to get up and running, and can be integrated with your ATS if you choose.

Company Profile / Early Career Hub

Establishing an employer brand is an essential step in forging lasting experiences with candidates. Your company profile is your employer brand—it can house all types of content about your organization, and of course, gets promoted throughout the WayUp platform. This is the best place to help educate candidates about what you do and why you’re a great company to work for. You can include videos, articles, fun facts, images, office locations, social media channels, and more. The profile can be updated with new content or branding at any time—without any time-consuming engineering support.

Screening and Data Capture

If you want to keep all unqualified candidates in one place that isn’t your ATS, WayUp’s CRM can be a perfect solution. Login anytime to access every candidate who has shown interest in your roles or has shown up to your virtual events. You can see how each candidate did or didn’t meet your qualifications, what their resume looks like, their ideal contact method, and more.


The best part about WayUp’s CRM is the D&I Analytics you’ll get for every candidate applying to your jobs. For companies who prioritize data-driven decisions, our D&I Analytics Dashboards include the real-time data you need about the top of your hiring funnel. You have the option to drill down for deeper insights into how diverse candidates are moving through your funnel, how certain schools are performing, which job descriptions might have unintended bias, among other things.

Are you ready to build a diverse, qualified pipeline of early-career talent? To learn more about how WayUp’s CRM can help you tap into your talent network, please fill out the form below or contact us at

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