How To Use WayUp's D&I Analytics Dashboards
July 21, 2021

How To Use WayUp's D&I Analytics Dashboards

WayUp Customer Success Team

WayUp’s D&I Analytics is a tool designed to give you real-time, actionable data to not only help you get diverse candidates into your hiring funnel, but also ensure that they actually move through your process and result in hires that meet your company’s D&I goals.

Within the analytics dashboard, we created a collection of reports that will provide you with different insights into your candidates and hiring process. Learn more about some of our most powerful reports and how to best use them below:

Talent Network

What it covers: In addition to candidates and event registrants, the Talent Network dashboard can give you insights into the students and recent graduates who are engaging with your brand on WayUp by viewing your roles, watching your videos, scrolling through your company profile, reading your branded articles, and more. You can see the demographic breakdown of your talent network by gender, race & ethnicity, major, and graduation date, as well as how those candidates are interacting with your company on the platform.

How to use it: In addition to driving applicants to your roles right now, WayUp can also help you build a robust and diverse talent pipeline of future candidates. Use this dashboard to understand what your candidate network looks like on WayUp and how broadly your brand is resonating on the platform. Leveraging virtual events and branded content can expand your network, setting you up for success in the future.

Interview Stages

What it covers: The Interview Stages dashboard gives you insight into each step of your hiring process - from application to hire - giving you demographic breakdowns of your candidates by stage and illustrating how diverse candidates progress through your recruiting funnel. By analyzing candidates’ progression through your hiring workflow, you can see if there’s a significant drop off of diverse candidates at any stage in your interview process. Ideally, you’d want to see the percentage of female and underrepresented minority candidates be consistent from top of funnel to the bottom.

How to use it: Work with your Customer Success Manager to customize your Interview Stages dashboard to reflect the steps of your hiring workflow. Then, using the Candidate Tracker, update dispositions for WayUp candidates as they progress through your process to see if there are any stages that disproportionately affect diverse candidates.


What it covers: On the Campuses dashboard, you’ll see which schools are most represented by your applicants and event registrants on WayUp. You will also be able to see a breakdown of the percentage of Black, Hispanic, Mixed Race, and Female applicants from each school in addition to how those students and recent alumni are faring against your digital screen questions. 

How to use it: These statistics will allow you to see the reach of your brand on different campuses across the country, including any core schools that are part of your sourcing strategy. Learn which schools are driving the most qualified and diverse candidates to your roles and events and apply that knowledge as you create your on-campus recruiting strategy and your recruitment marketing strategy.

Digital Screens

What it covers: The Digital Screens dashboard will show you how candidates from different gender and racial/ethic backgrounds fare against each digital screen question you ask for any role or event posted on WayUp.

How to use it: Digital screen questions are designed to ensure you’re sending the most qualified candidates from WayUp to your ATS, but they can sometimes inadvertently filter out diverse candidates. Use this tab to make sure that candidates from different backgrounds aren’t disproportionately knocked out of your application process by certain screening questions. For example, digital screen questions around GPA and relocation can often disqualify Black and Hispanic candidates at a higher rate than candidates from other backgrounds.


What it covers: Using the Conversions dashboard, you will see, at a high-level, how different demographic groups are passing the digital screen for each of your roles and events on WayUp.

How to use it: Similar to the “Digital Screen” tab, this data will help you see if diverse candidates are failing your digital screen at a disproportionate level.

Candidate Source

What it covers: The Candidate Source dashboard will show you the source of all of your applicants by the number of applicants and as a percent of the total. It will also show you the percent of candidates who identify as part of an underrepresented group (Black, Hispanic, Mixed, Non Binary, or Female). 

How to use it: Understanding where your applicants come from will allow you to make informed decisions about your sourcing strategy, including which job boards or partners are best to promote your jobs. Depending on your goals, some platforms may be better for sourcing underrepresented groups than others. 

Some WayUp customers, such as Momentive, AeroVironment, and Dow Jones, connect their careers sites to WayUp to route all candidates through their WayUp application. By doing this, you can:

  • Collect data on all of your early career applicants, including how they heard about your roles 
  • Leverage WayUp’s digital screening technology to ensure only qualified candidates are passing through to your ATS, saving your team hundreds of hours of applicant review
  • Provide an exceptional candidate experience, by ensuring all candidates hear back from you within 24 hours on their application status
  • Educate all candidates on your company, culture, and opportunities through your customized company profile and branded content.

Job Descriptions

What it covers: Using a “Bias Score”, the Job Descriptions dashboard will show you if there’s a drop-off between diverse candidates viewing and applying your roles.

How to use it: We often see job descriptions that can unintentionally turn off diverse candidates from even applying based on the way the role, responsibilities, and qualifications are written. Use this dashboard to see if you’re missing out on diverse applicants based on your job and event descriptions.


What it covers: Curious about how your team is using WayUp’s Candidate Search tool to engage with candidates on WayUp? The Messages dashboards will give you insights into the groups of candidates that recruiters at your company are messaging, including total number of messages sent, engagement and open rates, and demographic breakdowns of the students and recent grads receiving messages from your team on WayUp.

How to use it: You can use this tab to ensure that the candidates you’re connecting with about your roles and events are the candidates who will help meet your D&I goals. For example, want to make more female hires? Use this chart to track the number of messages that you’re sending to female candidates through WayUp. Messaging a lot of female candidates but not seeing an increase in female applicants? Use this chart to see where the dropoff is - opens or engagements - to see if you need to adjust your copy or call to action.

We created the D&I Analytics Dashboards to offer real-time data on what is driving success or causing roadblocks in your recruitment process.  Analytics dashboards measuring engagement at all levels of your employer brand combined with bias reports provide insight that is easily applied to your hiring funnel.  We are so excited for you to leverage this data to find amazing qualified and diverse talent for your organization. Want to learn more? Get in touch with our team via the form below.

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