National Intern Day 2022, Everything You Need To Know
May 12, 2022

National Intern Day 2022, Everything You Need To Know

Gabriel Cohn

What Is National Intern Day? 

#NationalInternDay is an annual holiday started by WayUp in 2017 dedicated to celebrating the future of the workforce: interns! Taking place on the last Thursday of July (this year it’s July 28th, 2022), the holiday gives companies a chance to recognize all the great work their interns have done during the year.  Alongside the holiday, WayUp releases two highly anticipated Top 100 lists. First, is the Top 100 Internship Programs list. This list is an opportunity for employers to showcase their internship programs and all the work their team puts into creating an engaging and valuable environment. Second is the Top 100 Interns list highlighting early-career individuals who go above and beyond in their roles.  WayUp also recognizes one company each year as having the top internship program in the country! Past National Intern Day top program winners include Under Armor, Citi, and Lumen, who was the winner in 2021.  Six years after its inception National Intern Day receives thousands of nominations, trends in the top three on Twitter, is celebrated by awesome organizations like NASA and The Today Show, and is featured in Forbes every year, when they publish the Top 100 Programs list. 

In April, WayUp hosted a National Intern Day kickoff webinar with program managers from past National Intern Day participants like GE and Lumen.  We discussed what makes an internship program great and their experiences celebrating National Intern Day along with tips for getting on the Top 100 Programs list. Check out the recording for tons of great ideas on how to improve your internship program whether it's virtual, hybrid, or in-person.  

How Is The Top 100 Programs List Chosen? 

The Top 100 Internship Programs List is determined in two ways.  Thirty percent of the decision is based on public voting, which is why it is important to get your nomination in as early as possible to give your network time to vote for your amazing program! Nominations opened in early April and can be submitted  until 11:59 PM PST on July 28th for 2022.  Next is the judging panel which is weighted at 70%, so that smaller companies with smaller networks have a chance to make the list. The panel changes every year and is made up of industry leaders outside of WayUp and all nominations are submitted to them anonymously.  The hosts from our National Intern Day webinar suggest making it clear in your nomination what separates your program from the rest and highlighting the growth and experiences your interns enjoy that benefit them even after the program ends. 

The main criteria judges look for in an internship program include:

  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion, 
  • Compensation and benefits to the interns
  • Program orientation and structure
  • Career development opportunities for interns
  • Company culture and engagement 
  • Full-time employment opportunities 
  • Unique aspects of your internship program. 

Check out the National Intern Day FAQs to learn more about how the list is chosen.

Any Tips On How To Celebrate The Holiday? 

There are tons of great ways to celebrate your interns without breaking the bank.  Our webinar panelists from Lumen and GE had so many good suggestions no matter if you are virtual or in-person:

  1. Use the National Intern Day Celebration kit, being released in late May, to celebrate your program and show your network you value your interns!  Intern highlights and thank you notes on LinkedIn and Instagram are always appreciated.  You can get the whole company involved by creating a thank you video, featuring leadership, and sharing iton the morning of the holiday. Join the conversation on social media with #NationalInternDay and #NID. 
  2. Interactive events or small giveaways are an easy way to have fun with your interns and can be done virtually or in-person. Sunglasses or other swag that your interns can put on also gives you a great opportunity to take some photos to showcase how much your interns enjoy your program for next year! 
  3. Networking opportunities with senior leadership or past interns make your interns feel more connected to the organization and provide great connections or mentorship opportunities for the future.  Invite some full-time employees who were once interns to hang out with the interns or host leadership round-tables with the C suite. 

Is My Company Eligible For The National Intern Day Top 100 List? 

To be eligible for the Top 100 Internship Program List, you must have at least one intern or co-op member in the U.S in 2022.  Then all you have to do is have someone from your organization nominate your program! This could be an internship program manager, or even the interns themselves.  If your program is based outside of the U.S, while you are not eligible for the Top 100 list, we still encourage you to celebrate your interns with us on the holiday and share on social media!

Why Do I Want To Be On The List? 

Nominating your program to the National Intern Day Top 100 List shows your network that you are committed to the development of early-career individuals and DEI initiatives.  Making it on the list means your company will be highlighted by WayUp and Forbes as an organization that excels in both of these areas and more! An added benefit of this recognition is that it can help you build your talent pipeline in future seasons.

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