Planning Your Fall Recruitment Season and Heading Back To Campus
June 3, 2022

Planning Your Fall Recruitment Season and Heading Back To Campus

Gabriel Cohn

Planning for Fall recruitment is well underway, and now, you might be considering  which new products and strategies you want to invest in. As many organizations go back to campus for the first time since 2019, recruiting teams have the opportunity to examine their early talent strategies and technology to hone their focus on data, DEI, and personalized experiences. Compared to last year, 57% of companies are increasing their emerging-talent hires, and most recruiting teams have seen significant turnover in their recruiting staff, which means there are a lot of questions. 

To help you prepare  for the 2022 fall recruiting season, we recently hosted our first  Fall Prep Webinar to provide some best practices for incorporating in-person strategies into your, until recently, virtual-only process this upcoming recruiting season. 

Data & Campus Planning

Heading into fall recruiting, we predict that the organizations with the most success will be recruiting on a hybrid and school agnostic model. Hybrid strategies have the most reach and connect you with students from any school, engaging both virtually and in person. When deciding which campuses to visit in person, recruiters need the resources and data to show what will result in the best return on their investment. After setting specific goals, campus recruiting teams should see where they found the most success in recent recruiting cycles and educate themselves on current student enrollment and demographic data. Organizations with optimistic DEI hiring goals that recruit from core schools whose student populations do not align will have trouble reaching their target candidates.  

Yello’s Campus Diversity Insights tool gives you access to student demographics and diversity info from two and four-year universities in the US. You can dig into intersectionality data, compare trends at target schools, and search for untapped programs to recruit from easily. 

Three Approaches To Campus Recruiting

In-Person: We expect a significant return to in-person campus recruiting this fall, and we could not be more excited! As your team gets ready for a busy season of travel and building connections, consider what can make your on-campus team most effective.  

Yello has the tools to make every facet of on-campus recruiting easier for your team. The company-wide internal events calendar allows you to manage the staffing and logistics for each event. With the Events Central page, you can proactively reach out to target students before you arrive on campus and let them know! For the event itself, you can easily rent iPadss and get training from Yello to quickly capture candidate data and set up interview schedules or follow-ups before the event is over. In a competitive hiring market, moving candidates on to the interview stage as soon as possible is key to your success. 

Virtual: Not all companies need to go back on-campus to the same extent. Continuing to invest heavily in virtual recruiting is a great way to remain school agnostic and ensure you are reaching diverse student populations. It is also cost-effective and flexible compared to traveling to in-person events. 

Want some tips on kickstarting your virtual events? Create targeted events with thoughtful programming where students can learn from relatable experiences. Stray away from broad info sessions as students tend to register for them at much lower rates. Make sure to plan your virtual events on the events calendar early (at least six weeks in advance) so you have time to prepare content and advertise to students. Learn to recruit like a marketer as similar to sales, it usually takes multiple touches to turn a candidate into an applicant or event participant, so give yourself enough time for multiple campaigns. While your planning begins weeks before the event, don’t expect students to RSVP in mass until the event is 5-7 days away. Use WayUp’s candidate engagement tools to allow you to create targeted audiences and message them at scale. 

Hybrid: Hybrid recruiting combines the best aspects of in-person and virtual recruiting and is how nearly 82% of organizations plan to recruit this fall. By recruiting using a hybrid model, you can maintain a presence at your core schools, meet a diverse range of students, and offer a range of opportunities for students to connect with you, learn about your roles, and engage with your brand.  

How can you best balance your in-person and virtual events? Use Yello to build your events calendar, manage staffing, handle registration, track event logistics, and everything else you need to stay organized in one place. Continue to reference historical data to see where your organization found success in the past.

What's Next For Fall Prep? 

Check out the Fall Prep Resource Hub for more webinars, roundtables, product training, and useful content! Our June webinar will focus on setting goals and engaging candidates in your pipeline.

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