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June 5, 2019
Quick Hire Tactics: How NOT To Lose Qualified Candidates
Alex Csedrik

In How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Kate Hudson’s character Andie Anderson does all she can to lose Matthew McConaughey’s Ben Barry in, yup, 10 days. If she were in early-career recruiting and he were a qualified candidate, accomplishing that would have been much easier. All she would need is a drawn-out hiring process.

Because top talent is only on the market for 10 days, reports ERE.

That’s why having a quick hiring process can help your hiring team avoid losing qualified candidates. Here are three quick hire tactics your hiring team can use to do just that.  

Get Candidates From Proven Sourcing

When your hiring team is trying to quickly recruit candidates, follow LinkedIn’s advice and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Reach out to top talent that follows you on social media and encourage them to apply, since they’re likely already interested in your company.

Similarly, your hiring team should encourage your company’s followers on job sourcing sites to apply for open positions. Companies that care about employer branding are utilizing websites like WayUp for not only job sourcing, but also to create company profiles. These profiles showcase company culture through culture decks and other engaging content for the site’s users. They act as a great branding vehicle by helping you effectively communicate your employer brand to candidates who likely aren’t familiar with your organization, and they build an engaged, diverse talent network of top candidates outside of your traditional recruiting initiatives.

And, as Business Insider explains, this creates a quicker time-to-hire because candidates that apply on these sites are already interested in joining the company because they know more about it. So, as long as your employee benefits package is competitive, these candidates that make it through the hiring funnel are much more likely to accept your company’s job offer.

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quick hire tactics

Your Employee Referral Program Can Deliver Top Talent, And Fast

Your company’s employee referral program can be another sound quick hire tactic. Because, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, referrals lead to a 55 percent reduction in time-to-hire. Since it’s responsible for 30 percent of overall hires, that’s a lot of top talent that can potentially join your company quickly. One caveat: Make sure these candidates still go through the normal interview process. If your team becomes overly reliant on referrals, it can lead to a lack of diversity.

Oh, and as an added bonus—pun intended—employee referrals save companies a minimum of $3,000 in cost-per-hire. Money saved is money earned for you and your hiring team.

Increase Brand Recognition AND Recruit Top Talent All At Once

Imagine a way to increase your company’s brand recognition while getting qualified candidates to become full-time employees. Well a national hiring day achieves this! Your company would announce that on whichever date you choose, it will hire its intern and full-time employee class for early-career talent. Therefore, all of your job applicants are aware that if they’re participating, they’re hopeful to join your company. What a great way to create high intent job applicants that you can push through your hiring funnel quickly.

And you’d be in good company too. Chipotle and McDonald’s both have held national hiring days to much success, and LinkedIn notes it’s a great way to gain free publicity. So your brand recognition increases, while you get qualified candidates chomping at the bit to be a part of your company. Win-win.

If your company doesn’t want to lose qualified candidates in 10 days, a quick hire strategy with these three tactics will help. And your hiring team can find the early-career qualified candidates of your dreams.

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