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September 25, 2019
TA: Talent Anonymous: A D&I Thought Leader Gets Candid
Alex Csedrik

This is the inaugural edition of TA: Talent Anonymous, a new series we’re launching that offers anonymity to experts in the worlds of TA, Diversity & Inclusion, Campus Recruiting, and HR in exchange for their frank assessment of the state of the industry.

Our first guest is a well-respected expert, thought leader, and keynote speaker in Diversity & Inclusion. Here’s why they think a recent line of thought within the space is dangerous.

Where do you think the biggest opportunity to improve D&I is?

Here’s the problem: There is a prevailing—and troubling—notion that diversity is “solved.” I hear a lot of organizations say, “We don’t need to talk about diversity anymore. We want to focus on inclusion.” To me, this is an evolution to nowhere.

According to Fortune, this year there are 33 female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies—the highest number ever— yet that’s not even seven percent of the list! How have we “solved” diversity?

If you allow the word diversity to become a poison pen, then we’ll never get inclusion. D&I is about getting everyone to the table, so to speak, and allowing their voices to be heard—and valued. How can companies ever embrace inclusion if they don’t understand how they exclude?

This isn’t just about one group, either. All marginalized communities need to get their seat at the table: LGTBQ+, Native-Americans, Asians, and so on.

You cannot have inclusion without diversity.

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